Florida Teen: Muslim says Islam led him to stab multiple people

Geller Report: “Police said Johnson told detectives he committed the crime because of his religious beliefs. Shannon said Johnson recently converted to Islam and had been watching violent videos.”

If Corey Johnson had said anything other than Islam had led him to stab these people, there would be an immediate investigation into the belief system that incited this violence. No one would hesitate. But since he said it was Islam, we can only expect renewed calls from authorities to avoid “islamophobia,” avowals that Islam is a religion of peace, and news stories about how the local Muslims are fearing a backlash.

“Police: Religious beliefs caused teen to stab multiple people,” by Ted White, WPBF, March 13, 2018 (thanks to Paige):

wpbf screenshot

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. —Palm Beach Gardens police have arrested a teenager in connection with a fatal stabbing in Ballenisles.

Corey Johnson, 17, faces charges of murder and two counts of attempted murder.

Palm Beach Gardens Police Chief Clint Shannon said Johnson and Jovanni Brand, 13, were guests Sunday night at Elaine Simon’s home in the 300-block of Sunset Bay Lane.  MORE

10 Comments on Florida Teen: Muslim says Islam led him to stab multiple people

  1. When visiting Florida…Give any place with “Gardens” in the

    title a wide berth…It’s some libtard planners idea of Urban

    Utopia….I can assure You…Nothing good, is growing there.

  2. Louis Farrakhan: “White people deserve to die!”

    … & this little dipshit deserves the Death Penalty just as much as Nicky Cruz

    justice, baby … justice

  3. Years of drifters,losers,men escaping
    drugs,alcohol,police and women.I seen it
    all from living there off & on from 1957
    to 1989.It is a destination that lies at
    the end of road… Que the Twilight Zone theme.

  4. Well, the young muzzrat certainly has the surly, hate-filled, dead eyes facial expression of a worshipper of the false prophet.

  5. How will young Corey reconcile being a “prison girlfriend” with the Sharia law of his Mohammedan cult?

  6. @Conservative cowgirl, muzzrat. Don’t think I ever heard that one before. It’s simple and yet expresses our sentiment exactly. Think I’ll use it, too, if you don’t mind!


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