Self-Reliance is a Phrase Worthy of Disgust According to the Left

How can you be a lefty and proud?

It is the party of negativity, victimization, scapegoating and finger pointers.

Daily Wire

Black Speaker Preaching Self-Reliance To Blacks Protested By Black Students.

As Michael Jones reports for The College Fix, black law students at both universities were disgruntled by Riley’s speeches, which he titled, “False Black Power? The Persistence of Racial Disparities Despite Increased Black Political Clout,” and were organized by the Federalist Societies.

One description of Riley’s event at the University of Colorado-Boulder read, “So long as blacks are encouraged to neglect the cultural capital that has so successfully powered upward mobility among other minorities, no number of elected African-American officials or special treatment will help blacks catch up.”

When he spoke at CU, Riley reportedly stated, “We can’t keep blaming white people for black problems. They must learn to do things for themselves.” Some students in the audience wore all black as a “silent protest.”


7 Comments on Self-Reliance is a Phrase Worthy of Disgust According to the Left

  1. if you learn to rely on yourself then you don’t need ‘Government’

    OMG!!! … the Horror! 😲

  2. I just started Clarence Thomas’s book My grandfathers house today and these children should do the same. His grandfather used to say to him and his brother Myer “Old man can’t is dead, I helped bury him!

    He also told them if they ever died he would bring their bodies to school for three days to make sure they weren’t faking, and they believed him. That grandfather helped develop a Supreme Court Justice that all Americans are proud of.
    Behold! left wing blacks! A real role model is in your midst!!

  3. Riley dropped a truth bomb right over the target and sho nuff riled dem plantation Negros some. Isn’t the term “black student” racist?

  4. I used to go squirrel hunting with my grandpa as a kid. I had a nice little tube fed bolt action that held a lotta rounds which I’d
    Show off before we left for the wind breaks.

    My grandfather would grab his old 20’s lever action single shot, and 1 .22 short round.

    One day I asked him why that was all he brought?

    He said, that’s all I need boy.

    We didn’t have racism where I grew up, you were judged by your actions.


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