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For the Good of the Country


Following Donald Trump‘s guilty verdict in his criminal hush money case, Representative Dean Phillips, a Minnesota Democrat, called for the former president to be pardoned on Friday. More

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  1. “Representative Dean Phillips, a Minnesota Democrat, called for the former president to be pardoned on Friday.”

    If Biden DID try to pardon Trump, Trump should throw it back in his face and tell him to fuck off — immediately, publicly, and in exactly those words. As much as the left hates and fears Trump, as much as they’d love to see him ruined, thrown into jail, and even killed, they would also love to be seen making a magnanimous gesture like offering a pardon. (Think of Xerxes telling the hunchback to kneel: “Crual Leonidus would have you stand. I only require that you kneel, for I am kind” — that sort of shit.)

  2. @Heatsync — President Trump was railroaded in NY state court, not feddle. Joey doesn’t have state pardon power. Hochul is the one being asked to let him off his bogus conviction.

  3. I have a better idea: overturn the “conviction.”
    Then prosecute all participants in this baseless witch hunt/travesty show trial.
    For the good of the Country.

  4. I’ve been kicking this around for a day or two. It would be a great strategic, intelligent, move by Biden. Plus he could pardon Hunter at the same time. In the name of healing the great divide. I just don’t think Team Retard is that intelligent. And they are FULL of hate.

  5. The only reason to pardon him would be to deny him an actual fair trial on appeal. It would expose all the prosecutorial and judicial misconduct. they wouldn’t do for any other reason.

  6. I would argue that even if that happened, Trump should reject it.
    That’s a political move to make Joe Biden look as if he is not the one who ordered the hit.

  7. Do NOT accept a “pardon” as that is tacit acknowledgememt of guilt, since the conviction still stands, there’d be no expungement of the conviction or perhaps a conviction vacated(?) [wise comment from the group please]

  8. “For the Good of the Country”

    all Democrats should immediately book one way tickets to Venezuela and save their voters that long, arduous trip to the US.

    Why should Trump accept a pardon? He didn’t do anything wrong. Accepting would be a big win for the marxists, an admission of guilt they’ed never let us hear the end of. That’s the about the only difference between the NY Kangaroo Court and Stalin’s show trials of the 30’s; Stalin’s perps always admitted to whatever made up crime they were accused of.

  9. SNS, what the Dems seem to forget is that rank and file Democrats have a deep and traditional suspicion and dislike of our legal system, in spite of their party’s decades of machinations to rig it in their favor.

    These voters understand instinctively and through experience the perversion of justice which happened to Trump. They know that it can happen—and has happened—to any of them.

    A few of the committed ideologue party elites, like Dean Phillips, understand the huge blunder they have made with this naked display of corrupt power. They are desperate to wave it away with proposed pardons and other weak excuses, but there’s no easy way out for them.

    July 11 is a slow train coming, and Trump is still tied to the tracks. If they can’t find a way to cut him free, they’d better find a way to let somebody else do it. Unless they’re fully committed to more extreme solutions to their problem. Which would not surprise me in the least. Not after 3 long years of one-party rule.

  10. “For the Good of the Country” is one of those phrases where you better check your wallet because they are feeding you a line. If you read down in the article Phillips wants the pardon to rob the base of energy and to prevent backers from calling Donald Trump a “martyr.” It’s about politics not patriotism with these people, always.

  11. Sheriff Bianco is a great man. He stood up to Gruesome Newsom during the lockdowns. His name has been floated as the next governor.
    He also has a good sense of humor!
    He’s my sheriff. He took office in 2019. Hold on to your pearls, he was once a member of OathKeepers, according to the LA Slimes.

  12. Biden, a pardon for who again?
    Let me think for one…nope.
    Here’s a partial list on his former cabinet members who he now joins in their elite club.
    Among them: Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, and former campaign vice chairman, Rick Gates; his former fixer, Michael Cohen; his former chief strategist, Steve Bannon; his former national security advisor, Michael Flynn; his former trade advisor, Peter Navarro;  and his former foreign policy adviser, George Papadopoulos. All convicted felons. Then there is Allen Howard Weisselberg, who can never do business ever again in the state of New York.

  13. Some democrats are figuring out that the fat ni**er piece of shit Bragg just wrecked their party on a national level as well as destroyed NY as a financial center in the US, which will lead to less cash for the DNC.

    But fuckhead FJB is such a phenomenal asshole that he’ll laugh when Trump gets sent to Rikers over this bullshit but will pardon his crackhead piece of shit son.

    The democrats are Stalinist motherfuckers, and all the sane people in the country know it now. Sane liberal journalists like Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, and Mike Tracey are even asking how Trump could be charged this way and not Hillary who actually committed the crime Trump was convicted of doing by paying for the Steele Dossier out of her campaign funds (and then lying about it). That cunt got an $8,000 fine and no criminal charges at all.

  14. Anonymous, I love how you rattle off that list with no trace of irony, self-awareness or skepticism. You’re a glittering jewel, perfect in every facet. Don’t ever change.


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