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For What It’s Worth

For Chalupa –

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  1. Chalupa – The Lady died years ago in a foreign country. And although we had many differences when together we managed to have lots of fun. Once while strolling through Georgetown in DC when I was wearing the Tshirt my 6’7″ brother gave me this long haired idiot shouted across the street to me (probably to impress his fellow idiot) “Hey ,Air Force , how do you like it ?” Just said fine, just fine then he comes back with “baby killer” . It was all I could do to keep my cool so I shouted back that you should try a branch of the service at least for a haircut and How DO you keep that hair out of your eyes ? Well his other hippie friend has to ” hold him back” from crossing the street to me ” and I thanked them both for demonstrating how Violent the “peaceful hippies” can be . My brother was Never ever a baby killer.
    Don’t know what ever happened to that plate.


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