Former CIA Deputy Director: July 4th Terror Warnings Are ‘Not Routine’

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WFB- Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell said Monday on CBS This Morning there was “nothing routine” about July 4 terrorist attack warnings by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, adding that he would not be surprised if “we’re sitting here a week from today talking about an attack.”

Federal authorities issued warnings across the United States of potential terroristic targeting of Independence Day celebrations. more

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  1. Our 4th of July Ammo will not be routine either. Everybody in America knows to dip their bullets in pork grease or pig’s blood this year.

    No virgins for these wannabe jihadis.

  2. “I don’t want to tell Americans what to do or what not to do…”
    (…except BE AFRAID!!!)

    Facts or STFU, chump.

  3. I suppose this PSA originated from the desk of Captain Obvious, Homeland Security Deputy of Vague Warnings.

    NSA reads all the electronic communication in the country, we have a few hundred HSA officers, Fusion Centers, snitches, moles, plants. A couple hundred billion a year running all this.

    And we get what amounts to, “Somebody, somewhere, might do something mean.”

    Gee, thanks.

    About as helpful as telling me there will probably be a wreck on the interstates in Atlanta today.

  4. Standard CYA Statement. If an attack happens, they get to say, “Well, we
    warned you”. If not, “Well, our vigilance
    and safeguards prevented one”.

    * makes jerking-off motion with hand *

  5. Anyone arrested?
    Anyone taken into custody for questioning?
    Anyone beat with a rubber hose?
    Anyone being followed?

    Yeah, that’s what I thought.
    What Vietvet wrote.

  6. In the Summer of 2001, we were involved in tense negotiations with China over their commandeering of one of our surveillance planes, and we got blindsided by Islamic terrorists in September.

    In the Summer of 2015, we will be involved in tense negotiations with Iran over their nuclear ambitions, and we will be blindsided by China’s military aggression in September.

    There will be no terrorist attacks on Independence Day. The Elites just don’t want you to celebrate, because they view Independence Day like they view Draw Mohammed Day: just another provocation to muslims.

  7. There will definitely be

    false flag attacks on white Christians, black churches

    blacklivesmatter demonstrations

    blacklivesmatter demonstrations will disrupt Independence day celebrations

    flags will be burned

    Groups of dozens of black teen groups will attack retail stores and loot and destroy merchandize

    riots because Confederate flag, blacklivesmatter, whitelivesDO NOTmatter, queers, homos, illegal aliens and gangs.

    there will definitely be no law and order because racism

    people who will stay home for fear

    These festivities will kick off summer and keep hillary, dawon, and all D-rat scandals off the air.

  8. This guy heard some chatter about returning vets, anti-gay marriage supporters, conservatives and white, middle class, working suburbanites exploding multiple devices starting around 9am on the 4th.

    Be afraid.
    Be very, very afraid.

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