Former Dem Party chair rips ‘useless’ Tom Perez for failing to come close to RNC coffers

BPR: DNC Chairman Tom Perez was torched by a former state Democratic Party chair over the party’s failure to compete with Republicans in fundraising efforts.

Democrats are becoming more “alarmed” by the Republican National Committee and President Trump’s ability to haul in record-setting donations, with more than $300 million raised this year for Trump’s reelection bid, according to Politico.

With the 2020 Democratic contenders proposing far-left agendas and the crowded field of candidates still busy trying to stand out from the pack, Trump has left his rivals in the dust, surpassing his Democrat rivals again in fundraising for September, according to Federal Elections Commission reports.

And Perez has earned condemnation from his own for failing to rally Democrats amid Trump’s growing massive war chest, which saw an incredible $125 million haul for the third quarter. read more

8 Comments on Former Dem Party chair rips ‘useless’ Tom Perez for failing to come close to RNC coffers

  1. in other news … Sean Hannity is going to have Lindsey Graham on tonight w/ a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!!!

    my guess … he’s going to announce he’s not really gay, he just plays one on tv

  2. Democrats: your fundraising sucks because you have a terrible product. Biden has had two primary runs for President, and there is no reason to believe he will not implode again. Warren is a whiny old lefty opportunist who can’t keep her lies straight. Sanders is a cranky socialist who isn’t even really a Democrat. Not even Democrats care about the other Bozos on the debate stage. Your current candidates are so bad that even Hillary, the most incompetent and corrupt candidate of any party in memory, is thinking about jumping into the race.

    Your platform sucks as well. Yes, we know you all like killing babies. You are rooting for the economy to tank because you have no economic solutions to anything. I couldn’t name any of your foreign policies on a bet – except that whatever Trump does is wrong. Normal Americans don’t care about LGBTQ issues any more, and we are tired of hearing how much you want to punish the United States (except for yourselves) in the name of climate change. Trump wants to Make America Great Again, and you’re promising failure.

    Finally, Democrats, your product is so bad that it’s failing despite the fact that the media and the entertainment industry is actively rooting for you and promoting your brand. The liberal urbanites can see the results of your policies – crowded cities with housing shortages, too much municipal debt, and shit in the streets. People just aren’t warm and fuzzy about giving money to losers.

  3. once the de’rats pick a candidate, & I don’t care if it’s Rufus the Wino that hangs out behind the Motel 8 dumpster & pukes up Muscatel & pisses himself every night, the illegal campaign contributions from the Soros front organizations & Ho-Wood will start poring in

    … all this is great news, but stay vigilant! the race has not been won yet

  4. Wyatt’s got it covered, which is why I say that the Defecrats are determined to drag our nation down to their level of absolute Socialistic Suck. Not only that, but they are fully invested in voter fraud to install their puppet (no matter who’s face they slap on it) because they know they don’t have a shot in a straight up election with these clowns! We are in the fight of a lifetime with DemoMedia Communists. We had better have some teeth in election fraud enforcement this time around because we are dealing with desperate, cornered rats who will be pulling out all the stops!


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