Where is your father? NBA’s Daddy Issues

What the Media is Missing About the NBA Hong Kong Scandal | The Larry Elder Show.

After Lebron James lambasted Daryl Morey for supporting Hong Kong protesters, Larry decides to look into one of the NBA’s biggest issues: fatherless households. He cites a number of well-known figures about the issue that he says faces not only NBA players but America’s black community in general.

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  1. I remember about 25 years ago Rich DeVos, owner of the Magic, talking about signing Penny Hardaway. Of course as a high draft pick Hardaway began his career with a high salary and likely a bonus. DeVos sat with him and explained to him that he needed to be smart with his money, to take care of his family, etc. I don’t know details of Hardaway’s life but at least he had a little help at the beginning. On the other hand, when Kobe was going through the rape claim a friend who knew such things told me that women literally – yes, literally – threw themselves at him, telling him they would do anything for him. Imagine an 18-22 year-old having millions of dollars thrust at him, everyone telling him how wonderful he is, women throwing themselves at him. Pretty hard not to give in to temptation. But certainly the adults in the room could do a better job of helping them grow up and take responsibility.
    Then there is this: http://www.munknee.com/78-of-nfl-players-go-bankrupt-within-5-years/

  2. All my life, the NBA has been nothing to me. I’ve never been interested in it and don’t remember ever having watched a game. I’ve raised four sons and none of them have ever watched an NBA game that I know of. We have much better things to do with our time.

  3. A lot of it (most of it) has to do with how much money they make and ‘star power’

    They’re rich and they’re seen on TV- so DROVES of IDIOTIC useless woman will throw themselves at em, and being the egotistical men that they are… well.. you can see the numbers. ☕

  4. I think I’m going to have to become a hockey fan, never cared for the NBA and the NFL turned into a bunch of wusses who hate America and at least in hockey you can still insult the opposing team without them needing a safe room.

  5. How many un-edumacated baby daddy in NHL, MLB, NFL and NBA compare to the the number of their bastard’s baby momma,,, No Probabilities, much less about it!
    TRF and Meerkat, super h/t to you both!

  6. This current generation is largely, fatherless, and it is devastating! ALL children need two parents, specifically, a mother and a father. Where are all of the men???

  7. #Hambone

    Perzactly my position.
    There are so many other activities to take part in than watching a bunch of grossly overpaid court jesters.

  8. Meerkat Brzeinski

    about 12 years ago the Chargers had a player with 15 kids by 12 women; married to none!

    Chargers admittedly are a bad team, better that the worst team in NFL history Al’s Raiders, but they are a NFL team. Started in LA and now back.


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