Former SNL Star: ‘I’m Not Going to Be Enslaved’

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‘I’m Not Going to Be Enslaved’: Former SNL Star Takes Stand for Medical Freedom.

Jim Breuer is best known for his slapstick-style comedy as a “Saturday Night Live” cast member in the late 1990s. In its heyday, SNL included such masterpieces as a rendition of “Oh Christmas Tree” with Breuer singing as Goat Boy.

Since those days, SNL has largely abandoned its pursuit of comedy in favor of social justice and progressive priorities. But not everyone is on board with the leftist agenda.

Although Breuer is no longer a member of the SNL cast, he still performs stand-up comedy in various locations around the country. On Friday, he made clear in an Facebook live video that those locations will not include venues that require audience members to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. MORE

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  1. fuckoff. snl sucks. you went after TRUMP. reap what you sew.

    ps. your show BLOWS.

    go fuck a fire hydrant.

  2. EVery number put out by the covid hoaxers has been a fraud. It all started with the phony model from that english guy and then it moved right on to phony pcr tests that can’t tell the flu from a cold and run at 40 plus cycles. All their numbers have come from that phony test.

    Now the latest is the unvaxxed and hospital phony numbers. They are using a higher cycle count when they pcr test the unvaxxed. Iow, it’s rigged. In addition to that, some hospitals are only giving pcr tests to unvaxxed patients.

    It is rigged from top to bottom and nobody in wash dc will tell the truth and fight it. It is us vs the gov’t and it is delusional to think anyone in dc will ever do a thing to help us.

  3. “… it is delusional to think anyone in dc will ever do a thing to help us.”

    Why help those who won’t help themselves?
    The Republic is dead. We are living through a transition period.
    Think Weimar.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Love Jim Breuer.

    On CA, in one town aline 70% of the voters were told they already voted when they went in.
    Yup. They cheated and don’t care who knows.
    The courts already proved they’ll do nothing.
    At least the RINO guy dressed like a woman did worst.
    The GOP will learn nothing from any of it.

  5. @tim
    there are millions of people who do not want the vax and are rebelling against it and they have made it perfectly clear.
    What do you propose they do to stand up for themselves?

  6. Thought Criminal,
    Organize. Arm themselves. Train as units. Lay in stocks of food and ammunition.
    Unite. Worse is yet to come.
    (I got no crystal ball, but I do read History … and the Bible)

    izlamo delenda est …


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