FOUND! VIDEO of Chuck Schumer with Vladimir Putin (BOWING)

FOUND! VIDEO of Chuck Schumer with Vladimir Putin (BOWING)



@Mr_Pinko FOUND the ARCHIVE VIDEO of Senator Chuck Schumer hanging with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Schumer is actually BOWING as he shook the President’s hand.

<h4>Russian President Vladimir Putin and Lukoil President Vagit Alekperov listen as Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., gestures as he speaks about U.S.-Russian relations during the opening of Lukoil’s gasoline station on Sept. 26, 2003, in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City.</h4>
What was said when the cameras were not there?

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28 Comments on FOUND! VIDEO of Chuck Schumer with Vladimir Putin (BOWING)

  1. Schmucky and the rest of those hypocrites talk tough when Putin is thousands of miles away. What did they want Trump to do? Spit in Putin’s face?

  2. Not only that but SO rude the way he raises his arm in front of Vladimir and POINTS, POINTS at the other people there!

  3. Call all witnesses to testify under oath about what was said! This rises to and exceeds the level of treason! It undermines our democracy! Schumer must be impeached!

  4. “Snopes, did Schumer bow to Putin?”

    Status: FALSE. Senator Schumer was merely picking up his bifocals, which had slipped from the tip of his nose.

  5. If the Republican establishment were not in cahoots with the Democrats or totally inept they would have so seriously tarnished this guys brand a long time ago that he would be ineffective. I prefer the former as the more likely than not explanation, but it could easily go either way.

  6. Supreme hypocrite and liar
    ” My party right or wrong ”
    Schmuck Chomper caught in a compromising pose.
    How low did you go, Schmuck ?
    Was this before or after
    $ 400 million was ” donated ”
    to Hillary’s phony charity ?

  7. Schumer is a jerk, and looks like one with his glasses hanging down his nose.
    There should be a remake of that movie ‘The Jerk’ with Schumer discovering Steve Martin’s invention of the glasses handle…although he might be too stupid to think of it.
    I feel sorry for that woman who sits there all alone near him in the halls of congress having to listen to him reading his daily vapid rants.
    Sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher, using the sound of a bassoon instead of a trombone.


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