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Frank Luntz Advises CNN To Stop Interviewing Anthony Fauci


GOP pollster Frank Luntz on Tuesday urged CNN to stop interviewing and airing White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Luntz told “Anderson Cooper 360” host Anderson Cooper that the polarizing Fauci “has become so politicized” that he is actually turning people off. According to Luntz, a better spokesman for dealing with the coronavirus could help those who are reluctant to get the vaccine. More

10 Comments on Frank Luntz Advises CNN To Stop Interviewing Anthony Fauci

  1. Well he’s not wrong. Of course no one with two brain cells to rub together watches CNN so …wouldn’t matter who they replaced him with. Luntz should have advised CNN to just stop broadcasting and it would help people get less polarized messaging.

  2. As it turns out most of that false information they keep talking about are primarily quotes from Fauci.

  3. Gee Frank how many people did you have to poll to figure out the little F-er is wearing on the public biggly with all his smug flip flops and ridiculous demands.

  4. Sorry, Franko, CNN has a Wop fetish. It took arrest and conviction to get Avenatti out of the CNN Green Room, and It’s going to take the same with Fauci. Here’s hoping.

  5. I knew that rat-faced Fauci was evil the first time I saw him. And when he spoke he confirmed it.

  6. Yeah Franky, you have the pulse of the Nation, you worthless turd. Working for CNN much.

    How’s your roommate McCarthy doing. Any insight if he’ll grow a set. I would be surprised.

  7. I hope Luntz charged CNN a LOT of money for this deeply insightful advice.
    – CNN is stupid enough to pay up.

  8. He must have sampled the person in the bed with him as to this result….you know–pillow talk, right Kevin?


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