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Lake of the Ozarks: A Hell On Earth For Leftists

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Welcome to Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks, a region currently inundated by literally thousands of unmasked, unvaccinated summer vacationers who—like so many in this tired nation—long ago conflated “universal contrarianism” with “patriotic American independence.” Truly, it sounds like a real hell on Earth.

“Depending on your politics, the scene at Backwater Jack’s is either a symbol of reckless abandon or unapologetic living in the face of a pandemic,” Politico describes of one particular beachfront bar in Osage Beach (“symbol of reckless abandon”…the answer here is “symbol reckless abandon”). More

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  1. We went to Branson a few weeks ago to Silver Dollar City and a couple of shows. Very few from all over the country were wearing masks. Because I’m nosy, I asked a few at Silver Dollar City who were in masks where they were from, one guy told me California and that he came to visit family for normalcy. I asked him if he wanted normalcy then why the mask? He didn’t have an answer and said he had to go find his wife.
    Another family we were talking to at one of the shows was also from California, they were celebrating leaving California. The Dad was in his late 70’s and they said they had sold the family farm that had been in their family for 80 years to escape commie California and now had more money than they’ve ever had in their lifetimes and were just taking a year to travel the country before they settled down somewhere, but that it wouldn’t be in any blue state. None of them had on masks. I’d rather them settle in one of our red states over the other guy who obviously didn’t want normalcy.

    Speaking of masks, so Pelosi says she will arrest anyone in the house without a mask and the big tough Republicans protest by going to the Senate taking selfies without masks. Do they not realize how stupid they look? Show your ass up in the House with no mask.

  2. I saw an article on MSM about retail having to struggle with what to do about masks. It seems they immediately sent their left-tard Covid lovers out to harass the big box stores, chains etc. and ask what they planed to do with masks. Many are not responding but others are just saying they’ll default to local mandates. Now Biden is saying he doesn’t know yet if he can mandate it for the entire country. I don’t think they have any idea what push back they are about to get.

  3. Don’t know how that writer was even able to see the keyboard to type that arrogant, condescending elitist tripe, with his snooty snot nose so high up in the air. Gawd, that was an offensive article.

  4. Holy shit!

    I am much more concerned about the tens of thousands of illegals that are bringing in whooping cough, TB, STDs Aids and Lord only knows what else as compared to the China flu attack on America.

  5. Wild Bill
    Do tell still love jokes, PC or not.
    Should I teach my grandchildren “Barnacle Bill the Sailor”
    Whose that knocking at my door cried the fair young maiden?

  6. Blood on the saddle by Tex Ritter is up there with Barnacle Bill the Sailor. I remember hearing that one with my grandfather back in the day> There was blood on the saddle and blood on the ground and a great big puddle of blood on the ground. Oh the cowboy won’t go a riding his bronco no more for his bronco fell on him and left him all covered with gore. Oh pity the poor cowboy all bloody and red for his bronco fell on him and bashed in his head. I’m glad I grew up when I did when these kinds of songs were more or less normal and funny and the PC police hadn’t ruined everything yet.

  7. As most Americans I have several liberal relatives. Their insufferable sense of intellectual superiority makes it absolutely impossible to discuss anything but the most generic topic with them. When you start from a position that the point of view of the other person is worthless you have no hook for an actual exchange of ideas.

    They regard themselves as so intelligent but fail to see there actual positions are monolithic group think and the exact opposite of critical thinking.

    A typical conversation point is “you just get all your information from right wing sources’, completely ignoring the fact that they just get all their information from left wing sources.

    You simply can’t reason with them since they will never meet you on neutral ground. I have had more than a fair amount of success in my life and my relatives are aware if the adverse conditions I was able to overcome but they can’t get past my patriotism and love of a country that gave me the opportunity to succeed.

    Their innate hatred of America and the military is no help either.

    They are as condescending as the author of articles like this because their foundational concept is that we patriots are all ignorant hillbillies who are every category of racist, bigots, homophobes, etc, etc.

    These are the people who know me, my long military career, and race but they still dismiss anything I have to say. Imagine what liberal strangers feel free to think.

    Interesting to me is that every relative I have that’s liberal is also an atheist. When they deny the Lord God Almighty who am I to get offended when they ignore me.

    Marxism and liberalism are the same and both are tools of Lucifer.


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