French police officer killed, Champs-Elysees in Paris closed, CNN affiliate says


One police officer and an attacker have been killed in a shooting in Paris on Thursday, the French Interior Ministry said.

A car stopped at 102 Champs-Elysees, in front of a police van, ministry spokesman Pierre Henry Brandet said. A man emerged from the car and opened fire on the police van with an “automatic weapon,” he said. The police returned fire and killed the attacker.
One policeman was killed and two were injured. It’s not known if the attacker was a man or a woman.
CNN affiliate BFMTV also reported an unidentified man was hit by “cross-fire” in the Champs-Elysees area. BFMTV has not specified if the unidentified man was the attacker or a bystander.
Police Secretary Yvan Assioma told BFM there were “no theories” about whether this was a criminal act or an act of terror.


24 Comments on French police officer killed, Champs-Elysees in Paris closed, CNN affiliate says

  1. a criminal act or an act of terror???? 🙁 these people will never learn. When someone shots at you and their intent is to kill you is it no wonder the world is in such a mess because the media and government and even the police do not want to upset the muzzie’s. Stupid people will never learn until they are the one’s in the hospital or one of their family is killed. watch you front and back- never trust any muzzie no matter if thy say they are moderate or not. Hell, I don’t trust anyone of color-white-black or brown. stay away from me and you might see the sun rise tomorrow. 🙂 have a nice day.

  2. Two weeks ago, I was sitting right there with my family, worried about a Muslim popping off. I probably saw that dead cop on patrol. Glad to be home.

  3. “No theories” about the motive.

    Mainland Europe is lost. To paraphrase H.L. Mencken, it’s time for the Brits to dynamite the Chunnel, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.

  4. Burner,
    The Left thinks that, if there are hate crimes that warrant harsher punishments, there are also love crimes that warrant lesser penalties, or even no penalties at all. That’s why the Weather Underground terrorists are given a pass.

  5. I believe it is against the law to have an assault weapon. They need to try and figure out how bad people ignore the law and further crack down on those really bad law abiding citizens who just can’t accept the fact that the government will take care of them.

    I can assume that this is the usual suspects, namely those bad Methodist and we need to further suppress their freedom and demand that they act more like the Muslisms.

  6. Vietvet,
    There are too many people hoisting a black flag and slitting throats, while shouting “Allahu Akbar!”

    But, you can’t have a caliphate without a caliph, so let’s find the current caliph and turn his head into pink mist. If we do that to every punk who stands up and says, “I am the new caliph!” eventually no one will want the job.

  7. I heard that this happened in the area of a pre-planned “disgruntled biker” protest. Don’t know if it is true or if the bikers had anything to do with it. Or whether we’re talking about bikers or bicyclists. Sounds more like the MSM is trying to confuse and conflate events to obfuscate, as usual.

  8. MJA, sorry. I still have a couple of Eiffel Tower trinkets left. “Five for one Euro! five for one euro!”

  9. Perfect timing, for those undecided French sheeple who just need one more last minute persuasion to vote for LePen.

    Sunday’s the election. May God guide them past the lies and the MSM teqqiyah.


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