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Frustrating 911 Call

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Is that Biden working at 911?

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  1. This dispatcher must have been a DEI hire …… but the D stands for Dumbass and Deaf and the I stands for Idiot in this case. I could understand the woman quite well for the most part and had no trouble discerning what she was saying including her address the first time she stated it. And I had no confusion hearing that she was shot in the stomach by an invader the first 2 or 3 times she told him. If all dispatchers were this stupid and ineffective it would be a miracle if anyone calling ever received proper help.

  2. After getting her address and establishing she was shot he should have had fire and PD enroute IMMEDIATELY. Any details beyond that are gravy that can be relayed to the units enroute. We dont need to know names and her relationship if any to the dead guy on the floor is irrelevant at this point, that can be sorted out when theres boots on the ground. The only other details needed immediately are that theres no active shooter and a description of her son and that hes special needs so the cops dont drop him by mistake, but that can be acquired WHILE tires are turning towards her, as well as her location in the building. In the meantime, dont keep a woman with an abdominal GSW repeating stuff any more than absolutely necessary and let the cops and EMS handle the introductions.

    You can go to your flip book about first aid for her stomach hole, but betwen her being handcuffed and her son being special, theres probably not a ton youre going to get done verbally.

    Best thing, get someone there ASAP.

    Youre not fixing this over the phone.

  3. From the update: the D.A. said that the lady would be charged because she acted in self-defense. Well DUH!!!! She was hit 11 times. I think he’s upset that he didn’t get to release the perp with no charges.

  4. Im a little baffled by this because our dispatchers, by and large, didnt suck.

    Of course, they didnt have cell phones to play with or Internet attention spans either. We did have one female dispatcher one of my Chiefs called “Movie Magazine” because of her prediliction for reading same at her station, but while it wasnt Shakespeare at least it proved she was literate, and the pictures couldnt distract you by moving.

    They also had a floating supervisor who they could signal for something extra interesting like this, and also relay things to the Police and Fire desks, so it wasnt just one person doing this. As soon as she said “shot” her address would be on two other desks and dispatches would be going out to police and fire, with fire coordinating often directly with PD about staging until the scene was clear, with details being called to responding units as they came in.

    The dispatchers also had a flip chart, tabbed with headings relevant to the incident, and this gave them a script for basic information in and self-protection and first aid instructions going out. It wasnt perfect but it worked better than this guy did.

    I dont know about where this lady lives, but here the early notification would be necessary as the GSW would also have Fire being dispatched to set up an LZ for AirCare to fly her to a Level 1 Trauma center, probably not close to the scene as medical helicopters are neither quiet nor bulletproof, and early notification gets the flight surgeon and nurse loaded and the rotor spinning even as Fire picks and defines a site and EMS responds in just behind the police in some cases or stages at the LZ to take on the flight surgeon in others, depending on how the situation evolves and/or the risk tolerance of the flight doc. The dispatcher in the pre-cellphone days had to handle the coordination with air assets too, so you couldnt have a dullard answering or complaining about a bad connection.

    I suspect now they have a kid at a conputer and expect the automation to handle everything, but this makes them more concerned with filling out electronic forms than actually thinking and responding like a human, so their speed becomes whatever speed they can fill in required blanks at, and the program may not allow for deviation and may even use some algorithm for what assets are allowed to be called. In the day our position was to risk having too much instead of not enough, and unneeded assets could be released enroute with thanks with little harm done if it turned out they were not needed.

    But given the modern prediliction for shaping the response to sketchy or possibly even lying information gleaned from the 911 call and the reduced staffs due first to firing capable highly trained workers over not taking a politically mandated poison followed by budget cuts so money can be given to Ukrane and illegal aliens, its likey that “not enough” is the current order of the day.

    And the kid on the phone sounds young. This might be the first truly godawful thing hes had to deal with. It takes a bit to become accustomed to that, which is another reason OUR dispatchers had the seasoned, floating supervisor, to step in if the kid started dithering and stepping on his green dick like this guy did. But that used to be a 50 yo White guy too, and we all know how mOdErN cities feel about THOSE…

  5. Brad
    TUESDAY, 18 JUNE 2024, 21:30 AT 9:30 PM
    ‘“Best thing, get someone there ASAP.
    Youre not fixing this over the phone”

    That will still be too late. See my comment above. LE is for after the fact.’

    …true from a victim’s POV, but as a dispatcher this is the best YOU can do. mOdErN dispatchers would probably advise you NOT to get or use a gun, more to protect themselves than help you, since they more than likely have a Democrat boss calling the shots and they chased all the conservatives out of Emergency Services with the Coof Goof anyway, so more than likely this is the best youre gonna get from HIM…

  6. If the time on the video is correct, the police were in the house in less the 7 minutes. My guess is the dispatcher sent the police and ambulance right away, and just tried to engage her in conversation so she would stay conscious. Unless he knew the lady, there weren’t too many questions he could ask, so he kept asking some of the same questions multiple times.

  7. So glad this lady at 85 fought for her and her son’s lives. Wonder if she hit center mass, a head shot or a large artery. Either way she’s a better shot than the dead perp. Pretty sure she had help from the angels, too as she hung on for help.

    Speaking of a dead perp, some of these law enforcement agencies are so afraid of fraudulent lawsuits from the families of criminals, they make lunatic statements like this;

    “The Bingham county sheriff’s office on Wednesday reposted Jolley’s statement on Facebook, saying that the agency did not mean “to defame the name of the suspect involved or make a tragedy for his family worse” …REALLY!

  8. Wyatt, Insensitive Progressive Jerk
    TUESDAY, 18 JUNE 2024, 22:52 AT 10:52 PM

    “My guess is the dispatcher sent the police and ambulance right away, and just tried to engage her in conversation so she would stay conscious.”

    …possible, Ive engaged patients in transport before to make sure they werent going South, but usually just with something to keep THEM talking, like “tell me about your family” or “how have things been lately”, open-ended subjects like that to keep them talking about unimportant things that dont cause upset and dont require a lot of interaction with a stranger. The actual content isnt important but talking about ordinary things can b3 calming as it takes the patient out of concentrating on their immediate situation while giving you an audible gauge of LOC to see if they are have cognitive problems that could be indicitive of other damage.

    Im not sure I would be repetitious with a patient, covering ground I already did and asking questions already answered (unless I had reason to question their honesty) as that to them, as to us as an external listeners, just aggrivates THEM, gets the blood pressure of an already bleeding person up, and may make someone already scared question my competence.

    Not impossible, you could be right.

    But that wasnt what I heard, the guy seemed to genuinely not be processing what WE could here very well.

    And thats not the impression you want to give the patient.


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