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Hawley Confronts Lying Covid Doctor

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  1. I wish Josh had given the doc a little more time to respond.

    Don’t get me wrong…it’s simply that it would have given Josh that much more ammo not to only flay the man alive, which he did quite satisfactorily, but also then to go on to disembowel him and strangle him with his own intestines.

  2. Oh my, are his panties in a wad too?
    Hawley is the most poorest excuse for a human being. On the plus side, there are no plus sides with this clownboy. Just gay circus rides on the merry-go-round is all he’s got.

  3. Da only ting wack is Hawley, Never had a full milkcart to begin wit.
    His milk jugs,all running on empty. Just a worthless puddie cat, sucking on an orange bull’s tit.

  4. As long as Fauci is breathing free air I am not impressed. Rand Paul had the “goods” on Fauci handed to him by Dr. David Martin. Martin has said so on more than one occasion. Rand never did a criminal referral or anything. This COVID psyop has been the biggest crime in our country and the world and to date not one person of consequence has been even charged with a crime.

    I don’t believe there will be any tribunals. I hope I am wrong. I do believe the satanists are going to some really bad thing(s) within the borders of America before the election. I hope I am wrong about that also, but I am planning otherwise.

  5. Not unlike every other committee hearing, it’s all an act of deception as nothing ever happens as result of the evidence and allegations. For all of Hawley’s outrage and righteous indignation, they all retreat to their holes to await another opportunity to rage against the next thing. Failed government and corrupt actors.

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