Trump Leads Biden by 18 POINTS in Key State – IOTW Report

Trump Leads Biden by 18 POINTS in Key State

Joe could lead Democrats to their worst loss in 100 years.


Joe Biden is on course to suffer the most catastrophic loss by a Democrat in the state of Iowa in 100 years, a devastating new poll reveals. 

Former President Donald Trump holds a 50 to 32 percent lead over Biden in the state, according to an authoritative new survey by the Des Moines Register/Mediacom.

If Biden receives the same meager 32 percent of the vote in the November election, it would be the worst Democratic showing in Iowa since the 1924 general election – exactly one century ago.  

Trump’s landslide lead in the state comes after a Manhattan jury found him guilty of falsifying business records in the Stormy Daniels case.

His conviction has not scared off potential voters and may actually help him, the poll showed.

One Iowa voter, Donald Share, 63, told the Des Moines Register that he is solidly voting for Trump because of his criminal conviction.

‘His convictions on these charges are part of the reason my mind is made up,’ said Share. 


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  1. “Trump Leads Biden by 18 POINTS in Key State”

    That is probably the smallest ‘point lead’ by ANY poll taker that loves to diminish Trump’s popularity.

    In all likelihood, I probably lead by 50 points over Biden if the truth were known.

  2. ^^^^^^ Find the poll. When I paid attention to polls they were honest enough to declare how they were weighted. It was always 75% dem 25% conservative. I’m almost willing to bet they don’t qualify their method anymore. Go figure.

  3. we are being “rope-a-doped” – Biden will not be the nominee

    I don’t know how or when but someone else will be.

    And if I am wrong and he loses the Dems will refuse to recognize Trump as legitimate

  4. Oh boy, prison bitch is given ahead by how much¿ Shirley boy says, now wait just a cotton pickin minute, Wilbur. Oh yeah, dats totally a fake/ all day long bullshit bogus claim. Fuk. what else ya got?
    A big nutten burder with fake Wisconsin cheeze.


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