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FTC Goes After Hidden Fees


The Federal Trade Commission today announced a new proposed rule to prohibit junk fees, which are hidden and bogus fees that can harm consumers and undercut honest businesses. The FTC has estimated that these fees can cost consumers tens of billions of dollars per year in unexpected costs. More

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  1. I should’ve finished that sentence with refunded. I hate it when time grows late and thoughts get lost. the whole PRIME thing is bogus from having to pay a yearly membership fee for extra savings without realizing the prices were jacked (more hidden and bogus) to everyone so these members think they are actually saving to now having to pay for a streaming service just watch a pro sports game. All pro sports should be televised over the air channels instead of having to pay cable or streaming services to watch them. What they are doing is discriminating against people that cannot afford these fees to be able watch their favorite team play depending on the sport and the frequency when games are played.

  2. Our former AT&T landline telephone cost us nearly $90 a month. Nearly half of that consisted of fees and taxes.

    Now we pay a flat $25 for VOIP via fiber optic.

  3. This just raises my level of concern. The government wants to help us. Yeah, sure they do. Buried somewhere in this are more dollars flowing to the political class.


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