RINOS Will Not Vote For Anyone Other Than a Swamp Thing – This May Lead to Dem Speaker – IOTW Report

RINOS Will Not Vote For Anyone Other Than a Swamp Thing – This May Lead to Dem Speaker

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  1. Bad shit going down. This is why I was not in favor of a McCarthy ouster. I included this in my email to my pals. “The enemy is at the gates”. I can’t make it any clearer than that. Imperative, no more secret votes. Out your selves. They’re scared to death of Jordan. So he’s obviously our guy. Where is Gaetz? At this point McCarthy has offered more support to Jordan than Gaetz. My prediction is the Libtard will be voted in and we will once again lose control. Every single stinking one of these RINO assholes needs to be recalled. We are so fucked. Once again, I saw it coming. I’m not as stupid as I look.

  2. “As for now, let’s keep the shit shut down!”

    Our Military is currently out of most shit that goes bang. We’ve sent it all to that penis piano playing miniature dick. Anything hand held that will fire an explosive was long ago sent to the Uke. Shortly after that funds dedicated to manufacturing air frame parts for shit like A 10s was diverted for God knows what. Yo got to hand it to Biden. He’s taken us from one of the best supplied and stocked military’s ever to one that’s extremely under stocked and under funded. Today Christopher Ray, you know, the faggot that’s in charge of the FBI, stated we are ripe for a terrorist attack. And here we are defenseless. I’m hoping they wipe Las Vegas off the map.

  3. Fucking ridiculous hyperbole.
    If we were in that dire straits that we immediately need to get those grifting tools back in congress instead of on vacation then the ship has already sailed.

    BTW, Chances are they will take out the cucks in Cali long before they fuck with succh a small population as Las Vegas.

  4. “Fucking ridiculous hyperbole.”

    I am in that business. You understand that right? I don’t lie, or exaggerate. You’re just naive. You can read the same shit I just typed all over the web bro. OR, you can stay comfortably ignorant. I’m guessing that’ll be the option you take.

  5. “I don’t lie, or exaggerate.
    OMG!!!! Brad, that is amazing!

    You lie, exaggerate, & bullshit so fucking much on this site that NOBODY can take you seriously!

    Times like these that credibility would come in handy.
    Yet you shot that wad a long time ago.
    You entertain all the conspiracy shit in the world.
    Your sources are pure ignorant partisan hacks.
    You are worse than the NY Times and trusted just as much here.

  6. Loco, the 155 pound wonder. Perfect thread to bring this up on. When the recall for McCarthy started I was the lone voice in saying this is a big mistake. Your chicken shit ass called me every name in the book. And now look where we are at.The difference between you and I is you’ve never managed shit. While I’ve owned my own and employed up to fifty. If you don’t learn to quickly learn what’s coming down stream you’re fucked. This wasn’t that hard to predict. I hope to God McCarthy is right and Jordan can still pull this out. If not I hold morons like you responsible

  7. More revisionist history from Brad.
    Easily disprovable as per usual.
    I was minding my own business and commented on a thread that I was happy that the government was de facto shut down.
    I didn’t mention you or your comment at all.
    Nothing to do with you.
    Even so, you called me an idiot, as usual attacking first with your obvious anger issues.

    All you do is lie and get mad at everyone.
    Then come the threats.
    Rinse & repeat…

  8. ^^^^^^. Exactly. And this is why recalling MvCarthy was a big fing mistake. It gave the Bush Republicans a chance to derail what was taking place during the hearings. Protect Biden at any cost

  9. Loco, when or where did I threaten your candy ass? And as time goes on you will learn how right I am and how wrong you are. You underestimate our enemy, and if you had half a brain you should have seen this coming. I did. What Pinko wrote is the absolute truth. And we, well some of us, are in the minority

  10. Loco
    The Israelis are currently begging for more weapons from U.S. to launch this offensive. We don’t fucking have t hem. Your President, Joe Biden gave them all to the Uke. Are you not paying attention? This had to be intentional. I’m hardly joking when I tell you our military has been disarmed by our own illegitimate government. My God man, they were taking shoulder fired explosive weapons from National Guard units to send to the big joke. We are totally out of a select few critical weapons. And on top of that money that would have been used to build replacement parts for aircraft like the A10 wasdeverted for something else. God knows what. We can not currently support the Israelis and we have no speaker in place to resolve the funding issue. Do you not understand the ramifications of what’s currently taking place. It’s a Libtard wet dream

  11. 25 years ago a conservative radon man said. “Bush bReublicns are DEMOCRATS”! Were he alive now he’d say, “Bush Republicans STIL ARE DEMOCRATS! WILL ALWAYS BE DEMOCRATS!”!

  12. To Brad’s point, I am in the military contracting business too. New contract year is supposed to start next month. No appropriations bill, no contract. Lots of contractors already have weakened financial positions and staff issues due to Coof legacy and hyperinflation killing civilian business lines, plus materials being harder and more expensive to get for those reasons and more, plus you can’t order materials for assembly until you’ve got a contract in hand since the materials are perishable.

    And don’t get me started on buying spare machine parts.

    The longer this goes on, the more staff contracting businesses will have to shed, the more suppliers we use will have their own financial problems from sitting on unsold perishable goods, and the closer everyone gets to bankruptcy.

    There is also a major mandated machinery change using machines ordered years ago that have to be delivered and installed NOW or no contract. All contractors are REQUIRED to use them, or no contract. Didn’t seem like a problem when it started, but that was before hyperinflation and the breakdown of the Federal government. Things are going on now that couldn’t have been predicted at the time the machines were purchased. This needs to be paid by contract payments, and no defense authorization = no contract payments.

    If contracts aren’t let until next year there will be very few businesses left to execute them, and of those that remain will be weakened by staff losses and constantly behind the 8 ball by suppliers.

    This very much will wreck military readiness regardless of WHOSE military we ultimately end up supplying.

    Businesses work on just in time inventories and an ensemble cast of employees to remain competitive. Disrupt the contract authorization too long and the changed conditions may make the contract goal unattainable for EVERYONE.

    If they survive long enough to even try.

  13. SNS
    They don’t care. They love a good crisis because it lets them do things they couldn’t otherwise do and that ain’t good.
    Crisis is a positive for them because they can take control of everything.


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