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Gaetz Speech Endorsing Jim Jordan for Speaker

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  1. Being from Ohio, I know more about Jim Jordon. I like him !!
    At this stage, I’d support anyone other than McCarthy, although Jeffries doesn’t excite me at all.
    We have already identified 109 for certainly identifying as RINOs in the GOP house.
    I have a glimmer of Hope things will change !

  2. I’m under the impression that a lot of our new MAGA members are more MAGA and less DJT. I don’t mean that in a bad way. But I do not understand why Trump would stick with McCarthy.
    I’d really like to see Jordan there.

  3. His record tells me that McCarthy differs from Jeffries primarily in skin color. There’s nothing in it to suggest that he is any more interested in wresting control of Congress and the country from the swamp than McCornhole is.

  4. I’m not in the mood right now to educate myself on the election process for speaker. Could it be that a coalition is attempting to get McCarthy to pull out? Last I read, he’s lost a third round of voting.

    I’d be pretty happy with Jordan.

  5. Uh oh.

    “In a private mtg yesterday, GAETZ, BOEBERT, PERRY told McCarthy they wanted their OWN legal entity in House to wage lawsuits.

    The group also told McCarthy that they don’t mind if the speaker vote goes to plurality and @RepJeffries
    is elected bc they’ll fight him.”

  6. The Left, through fraud, stole the Presidency and the midterms. They LET the republipukes take the House under the assumption that their man McCarthy would bend over eagerly every time.

    Might as well let Jeffries wield the gavel instead of humoring the big lie that the Legislature is divided. Hell, may as well keep Pelosi.


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