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The Laughable Left Caught in Another Logical Dilemma

A mother is suing a Las Vegas school district for requiring her daughter to read a sexually explicit monologue in class.

Here’s a partial transcript of what the girl was made to read-

“I don’t love you. It’s not you. It’s just that I don’t like dick or any dick in that case.”

“I’ve tried to look at it from all different perspectives, but the truth is, I’m a fucking lesbian.”

“I’ll never love you or any man, or any fucking dick. I hope you find a nice straight girl because that’s not me, and I’m tired of pretending that it is.”


Weren’t us “cis” people scolded and labeled transphobic for not considering hooking up with a trans person?

Is the lesbian in this monologue heroically speaking “truth to dick” or is she a phobe of some sort?

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  1. If I were that Highschool kid I’d use excerpts from the Co-ran and recite the bits about executing gay people by throughing them off tall buildings and I would tell the teacher I have the ACLU & CAIR on speed dial while a friend records the hilarity on his phone.

  2. The girl should read that at the next school board meeting. It should also be printed on a large poster to be held outside the school board meeting to enrage other parents. I might also suggest taking that poster to school events like sporting events. I’d also consider taking the poster to school every day for a while during drop-off to let other parents know what crap is going on at the school.

  3. Let me guess:

    – Student is required to read this material in class.
    – Parent is prohibited from reading this material at the board meeting as it’s
    deemed inappropriate.

    How am I doing?

  4. My grandfather and his trusted associates knew how to deal with perverts like this. Let’s say that they formed a Citizens Justice League which meaded out appropriate measures to the offenders. Because they knew what to do and did it, the need for such measures weren’t needed very often. The forests of East Texas back in the 20’s and 30’s were vast and hungry. Back in those days, there was virtually no law enforcement in the logging communities of deep East Texas to deal with such issues, so community policing was necessary and effective.

  5. From the linked article:

    “The Clark County School District is investigating the circumstances surrounding a class assignment consisting of a student-generated writing exercise that produced content not conducive to student instruction,” the school said in a statement to Fox 5. “The District does not comment on individual employee or personnel issues, and all policies and procedures are being followed.”

    1. Investigating?! What’s to investigate? Either the teacher made the assignment or she didn’t. If she did, then get on with it already.

    2. The district is using a veil of “no comment” to obfuscate, delay and let it fall into the crevasse of the “fog of newer, more scandalous headlines”.

  6. A co-worker of mine married a high school classmate of his whose mother was a teacher. His wife became a teacher, also. They had kids together. One day, she told him she was moving out. She wouldn’t tell him why, but he soon discovered she was living with a thirteen year old female student of hers. Wifey turned out to be a pedophile lesbo. The girl’s parents were happy to be rid of her, apparently. When he let the school district know about the situation, they fired her. She was quickly hired by a larger school district in a larger town not far away. They didn’t have a problem with it.

  7. Cynic,
    The people who assigned, approved,and authorized this pornography DON’T need to be arrested.
    They need to be hung by the neck from the nearest tall tree or lamppost, and pictures publicized as an example to others.

  8. Dr. Hambone,
    When that type of vigilante justice prevailed, there was still evil in the world, but it was afraid, very afraid to raise it’s ugly head.
    In today’s world, evil is blatant and unafraid.
    There is no fear of God, or man.
    I don’t know what the answer is, but I would begin with the fear of man being reinstituted.

  9. Dr. Hambone JANUARY 3, 2023 AT 10:18 PM

    “A co-worker of mine married a high school classmate of his…”

    “Wifey turned out to be a pedophile lesbo.”


    Someone asked me how was it I didn’t find out my ex was the way she was before we married.

    Summation of my answer: You never know how people really are until you start living out your life/marriage with them. Some people can hide their true selves for a long time, but will eventually show who they really are.

    I hope that dude got the kids like I did.

  10. @JDHasty January 3, 2023 at 4:19 pm

    > At this time in history, anyone who casts a legitimate vote for ANY Democrat politician knowingly and knowingly supports more of this.

    Swearing! On your Sacred Honor(TM). To lick the pedestal. Of whatever pederast. Wins(TM) the “election”. Proves? What? That you are retarded? That you’re a liar? Occam’s razor — you’re a groomer?

    I kid! I kid! I know voters are only pædorapist adjacent/i>. We all know.

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