Gas Station Chains Can Thank Biden for Their New EV Chargers – IOTW Report

Gas Station Chains Can Thank Biden for Their New EV Chargers


The fossil fuel industry is cashing in on the $7.5 billion for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations that President Joe Biden approved in the Inflation Reduction Act, lobbying to have the stations built at existing gas station locations. More

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  1. Australia has Diesel Generators at chrging stations to power the F#cking Chargers.

    Y-tube: John Cadogan:”Recharging EVs with Diesel Generators” Apr 12/24 about 36 min

    He’s actually quite funny but his content is good.

  2. I would have to guess that spending 4 hours at a charging station would bring in more money than 5 minutes at a gasoline delivery station. Forget the fact that occupying an empty stall is better than providing gas for a dozen vehicles.

  3. Oil is not a “fossil fuel.” Millions of dinosaurs didn’t get six miles under Gulf of Mexico. The earth makes oil and gas in deep volcanic processes. The only ones driving fossil fuel vehicles are are owners of coal powered EV’s.

  4. the headline is false and the story is ridiculous. Biden had absolutely NOTHING to do with the “inflation reduction act”. he didn’t write it he didn’t vote for it he didn’t pass it. the only thing he had to do with it was he didn’t veto it but this was not a Biden executive order. it you want this Bull shit to stop the vote out the legislators that voted for it

  5. Marooned
    SATURDAY, 13 APRIL 2024, 21:25 AT 9:25 PM
    “An EV fire while charging at a gas station could be problematic.”

    …car fires at gas stations aren’t unusual. People instinctively pull into a gas station when there’s a car problem, and sometimes find out that problem is an engine fire. (Other times its static electricity, people filling glass or, worse plastic, jugs with gas or smoking and fueling, but thats a different subject). I put a few out, it’s not a big deal on ICE cars as long as someone hits the pump kill switch plus they make it easier because they usually had the hood open when they made the discovery, but that was then. EV fires burn hotter and longer, and the cars are like trick relighting birthday candles that HAVE to be dragged elsewhere when “elsewhere” may be the tank fills or plug vents, so it definitely amps the challenge level up.

    And they’re still trying to work some standards out so, right now, station owners can pretty much do what they want.

    They have other tricks besides straight fire though. This, for example.

    …should make things under the gas station awning more zesty…

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