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Knife Attack in Australia Kills Five Before Police Put Down Attacker


Australian police shot and killed a man on Saturday after a knife attack that left six people dead and several injured, including a nine-month-old baby, at a shopping mall near Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

Police said they did not think the attack was a terrorism incident. They believe the attacker is a 40-year-old man who was known to law enforcement.

The attack began around 3:20 p.m. local time when the man entered the Westfield Bondi Junction mall and started stabbing people as they moved between shops. A police inspector who was nearby confronted the man on the fifth level of the mall and shot him dead after he turned and raised the knife in her direction. More

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  1. The whole damn countries a gun free zone and he still went to a mall. Well, thank God no guns were involved. Of course except for the one that stopped the bad guy. Hmm.

  2. “Police said they did not think the attack was a terrorism incident.”

    Bull Shit. There’s some pretty vivid close ups on IG and I’ll guarantee you this clown was screaming allahu akbar as he was stabbing that baby.

  3. Brad, according to a report in The Israel Times it appears that have changed their stance to undecided at this time. Photos I saw looked like he was a little darked complexion than a typical Aussie.

  4. @ Cmn¢¢guy Saturday, 13 April 2024, 17:11 at 5:11 pm,
    Obviously used the knife-show loophole…. Just need to implement some “common sense” knife control. Kufc the muzzie kufcer! God have mercy on his victims….

  5. How’s that gun ban workin’ for ya, you totalitarian Aussie libshits? What’s next on the ban list…knives and machetes? Box cutters and razor blades? Steak knives and butter knives? Q-Tips and…?

  6. Different Tim

    A couple IG news sights are now saying the Aussies are now saying they’re undecided. It looked to me like the guys Camel was probably double parked out side.

    Avoid any mall named Westfield. That’s the same name of the mall in Nairobi that’s been attacked twice. Yikes.

  7. They’ll probably Prosecute the Cop….

    Years ago, the Cops were unarmed, and the Citizens had Guns….Now the Citizens

    are unarmed….and the Cops are Para-military …Makes no sense.

  8. stirrin the pot,

    Re: Knife bans

    They don’t allow folding lock-backs in England.

    Canadian Border Services in Canuckistan confiscates MANY folders that they deem illegal even if they are Legal and bought in Canada It is a known fact that many Benchmade Knives that are sent to the factory are Confiscated upon inspection & re-entry through the mail.

    Spyderco has “European” versions. Basic slipjoints with no lock.

  9. @Kcir – Stuck in Canuckistan Saturday, 13 April 2024, 17:53 at 5:53 pm

    So, arm yourself with a butter knife and hope your attacker obeys the lethal weapons laws. HaaHaaHaaHaaHAAHAAHAAA!! Fuggin libshits!!

  10. Wow, it’s great to know that their gun laws, [I mean knife laws] have really stepped up to the plate and have reduced the number of criminal lawlessness events. (So sorry for posting against their stupidity)

  11. Well now. Australian shopping malls may have replaced Aussie beaches (sharks, blue striped octos, poisonous jellyfish) as the most dangerous places Down Under.

    But OK, Australia has joined the rest of the world in suffering from murderous actions by (probably) crazed rag-heads.

    Welcome to our world.

  12. “They’ll probably Prosecute the Cop…”

    It was a hot blonde woman. Who ran towards the violence with no back up and double tapped Mr. Edged weapon in the head. I’m saying Chicago should hire this woman to teach their PD how to use a gun.

    But no, she’s being celebrated as a hero.


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