Gas Station Clerk Fatally Shoots Robber and Could Be in a Heap of Trouble

Let’s see how this plays out. Florida can be strange. The facts of this case , however, do not look good for the clerk.

The fatal shooting took place after the robbers took off. He ran them down and plugged one in the back.

If I were his lawyer I’d say my client expressed great concern and guilt after one of his guns were stolen during the robbery and he felt, in his highly adrenaline filled state of mind, that it was his duty to protect the public from these fleeing armed thugs.

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  1. I presume the law there is like my home state. Once the threat to your life or serious bodily harm is gone so is the right to respond with deadly force. Probably would have worked in Texas for one at least used to be permitted to shoot someone for stealing their shit.

  2. Problem is, Ft. Lauderdale is in BROWARD County.
    NOT exactly a gun-friendly place (unless you’re with the crooks).

  3. Poor guy will soon be identified as a white-arabic and screwed over. I have no idea about legal precedent here, but he did the morally right thing to save his community (and us) from further depredation. Good luck.

  4. In Louisiana when this happens, the DA is most parishes will just refuse to prosecute.

    It was the heat of the moment. The clerk feared for his life.

  5. I am sick and tired of the lives of the perps having any value at all. Once you have committed a robbery at gun point, pistol whipped an innocent clerk, stole a gun, you deserve any and all bad things that can happen. Bring the perps in dead or alive, shot in chest or the back, doesn’t matter. Same thing goes, if you’re running out of a house after robbing it, the residents should be able to assume they will come back. You could call it Preemptive Self Defense. Right now the bad guys feel invincible, it’s time to turn the tables on them.

  6. ^ THat is why the wild west was safer than today. Everyone was armed, your home had weapons and if someone broke in or attacked justice was swift.

  7. “I don’t remember anything after the bad guy hit me in the head, I must have blacked out.” There I fixed it.

  8. I am torn with this one. The thug got what he deserves. However, the clerk should not have gone after them.
    It is good that the clerk wasn’t killed during the robbery and was still able to do something.
    Waiting for the friends / relatives / race hustlers to say “he didn’t deserve to die”, or “he was really a good person”, or “this is obviously racism because the victim (sorry, started laughing at that term, and had to stop for a minute) was black”
    Saved the taxpayers from paying for the obligatory legal defense of one of the jackwads

  9. What if the criminals returned to the scene of the crime to eliminate the witness.
    When criminals use guns in crimes, all of their rights should disappear.

  10. One thing I noticed, being in fast food and retail for 30 years, he is a fool for not dropping that cash and just sliding under the drawer.

    I am on the jury, the clerk walks.

  11. I need to expand on my post, he shouldn’t have gone after them without backup. He knew he was outnumbered 2 – 1, and they were both armed. As they say on the game show, call a friend, and THEN go after them

  12. Usually guys who get away with these type of robberies by gun point RETURN! As long as that thug is free on the streets he is a threat to that clerk’s life.

  13. Time for Victim’s Fairness Act; 5 minutes immunity from prosecution to administer justice, victim awarded a percentage of what the government saved by not having a trial, and prosecutor has to pay all victim’s expenses.

  14. When I was in the business (in DC area) we would fire somebody that got robbed with too much cash. Why? The thugs will come back if they get above a certain amount. If one of our managers or cashiers was sliding cash under the drawer like that, sadly they would get fired just for that.

  15. Arrest him, the hell. Should have presented him with the keys to the city and a fresh box of ammo

  16. $2.69 a gallon? I just paid $3.35 the other day at Costco.

    And that Mimi Hoskins, hubba hubba, wonder if she is free Saturday night?

  17. They’ll likely decline to prosecute, or they’ll have hordes protesting and making them wish they didn’t.
    Nobody has any sympathy for those two scumbags and it’s a shame he didn’t get both.

  18. Once the threat of forcible felony is over and the perp is fleeing, it is not only illegal to use deadly force, it is immoral.

  19. @ Jerry Nadler’s Eyebrow JULY 12, 2019 AT 2:49 PM

    Back around 1992 a local bullseye shooter came home and caught a guy running from his place with a stolen 30-30. Bagged him right between the shoulder blades at north of 100 yards with a single shot from a 1911. The guy was ordered to stop and was making for cover of the woods on the back of the property and had already turned and taken a shot at the homeowner.

    There was pressure to prosecute, but the case was made that had he reached cover he would have had a decided advantage.

    Same goes for this armed idiot. There is no moral imperative to allow someone who just robbed you to gain a tactical advantage.

  20. The other danger here is shooting at somebody that’s running away and missing and hitting someone else down the road, you’re toast.
    I worked for guy that shot a punk stealing his power tools out of his garage for the third time with an AR in the leg with his tablesaw in his hands. The Grand jury let him off, Portland Oregon at that.

  21. Use of lethal force (Illinois) is only permissible when everything else has failed to eliminate the threat. Once the threat is gone, no matter how tore up you are or how much property of yours gets stolen or how badly your wife has been raped, you WILL go to jail if you shoot after the threat has been eliminated. You have no right to shoot in order to protect property unless that property is your own life and you can prove you were going to die unless you pulled the trigger.

    I hate this state. Legal to conceal carry but you can’t legally carry anywhere and can’t use it in any scenario on your own property unless you are about to die and can prove it. I’m not sure about Florida but if the clerk goes to jail I wouldn’t be surprised.

  22. ECP, the law as you laid it out sucks. There is a good argument to be made that the threat was still imminent–they could have returned. They knew what the clerk looks like, where he works, etc. Additionally, he could claim he wasn’t thinking straight because of the pistol whipping. But laws that say you can’t respond once you are no longer imminently “threatened” is ridiculous.

    As for the perps–play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  23. So one of obama’s boys got shot in the back…FUCK EM!!!
    Those scum sucking bastards would do it again and maybe killed some innocent person! If they are going to charge anybody they should charge the other scumbag for murder since he was a partner in the crime that got his bro capped!

  24. “I chased after them to get their license plate, and when one of them turned around and pointed a gun at me I shot at him. I guess I hit the other one.”


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