Idiot Mother Facing Possible 20 Years For Tongue Depressor Licking Video

This is worse than the ice cream licking and ice tea spitting videos. The moron’s daughter licked a tongue depressor in a doctor’s office and then put it back into the jar. She recorded it and posted it.

People at medical facilities could have suppressed immune systems, or can be very sick already. Also, the contaminated tongue depressor can taint many other depressors.

I hope she does jail time.


A Florida mom says she was “just being silly” with her kids after waiting a long time at a Jacksonville medical center. Authorities say she committed a felony that carries a maximum sentence of 20 years. Cori Ward, 30, was arrested on a charge of tampering with a consumer product without regard for possible death or bodily injury after she shared a video of her daughter licking a tongue depressor and putting it back in the storage canister, News4Jax reports. The video, captioned “Don’t tell me how to live my life,” shows a sign reading: “Please don’t touch medical supplies! Thank you!” Ward posted it to her Snapchat account, where it was copied and posted on a local Facebook group.

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  1. The solution is simple; when you catch these assholes, throw the book at them. Show no mercy, or you will keep getting more of the same.

  2. Oh Floriduh!…

    And my wife wonders why I now prepare all my meals and condiments from fresh ingredients that are either sealed at purchase or scrubbed thoroughly. The US is filled to overflow with garbage humanity like this cunt here, who, IMO, should be placed in a special gulag for people who would rather live like fucking pigs than civilized, sanitary human beings.

  3. There is nothing “silly” about this behavior, though it is certainly criminal. What is wrong with people these days?! Throw the book at the cow and reprimand/educate the daughter.

  4. WTF is the matter with these people. That mother needs to go to the Graybar Hotel for a minimum year stay.

  5. No mercy. I have an permanently weakened immune system due to lymphoma (cancer of the immune system). A simple cold can easily turn into pneumonia for me. I caught strep throat a couple of years ago and I spent 5 weeks in the hospital, including 5 days in the intensive care ward as it nearly killed me.

    Doing this is about as funny as a heart attack.

    NO MERCY!!!

  6. The fact that the clinic needs to post signs asking people not to touch stuff is telling. Evidently the mother suffers from personality issues as she is not able to distinguish a sign from a challenge to her autonomy, identifies psychologically with her child, and seeks public validation of her immature actions.

  7. @TheMule – I very rarely eat in restaurants anymore. At home I know exactly what’s in the food and, more importantly, what is not. Always check for package seals to be present or broken at the markets.

  8. That’s OK, she doesn’t know that the doctor is the thrifty type and used that same tongue depressor on the previous patient’s rectal exam.

  9. This news coverage pisses me off. They seem sympathetic to the disgusting pig of a mother and her miscreant crotch dropping. It seems they think the only problem is that the video was leaked from the slut pig mother’s private social media to Facebook. I hope the nasty whore does a long stint in jail and the soon to be ex husband does a better job raising his offspring than does the mother.

  10. If this is just being silly, makes me wonder how many other times this sort of thing has happened with her and her children.

  11. You get more of what you tolerate.
    Licking tongue depressors or ice cream seems rather benign when juxtaposed with the rampant treason, lies, and hypocrisy of our political (particularly Demonrat) class.
    Since we tolerate Treason (FBI, CIA, DNC, NY, CA, NSA, House, Obola, Gruber, &c.), why not tolerate bad behavior?

    We’re on a tobaggon to Hell and it feels like we’re accelerating.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. How silly would it be if someone with the measles or some illness licked a lollipop and gave it to her kid?! I hope they lock her up for 30 years. This crap isn’t going to stop until people are swiftly and severely punished.

  13. Give her community service in a hospital cleaning bed pans or changeing old folks diapers….

  14. How did this country (or the world for that matter) manage to raise an entire generation of STUPID FUX? Maybe it’s time for the giant asteroid to cleanse the planet.

  15. @Livinthecovelife… Right there with you man. I’ll only eat at restaurants when I have too, and they have to be reputable. There are just too man assholes in kitchens these days.

  16. All of thos tongue depressors were contamited. Thankfully they are cheap, but I am very thankful that brat’s actions were caught on video. I have no tolerance for this kind of action or messing with someones food. I but 5# buckets (# used to be pounds it that symbol folloew a number it mean number if it precended a number, such as a #2 pencil.

  17. Notice her anger and hwr arrogance in her headline of the video.

    She got this from the likes of america’s indoctrinates idiot women soccer players.

  18. that is a sick woman and should not have custody of the daughter. Allowing her to do this and thinking its somehow cool or enlightening? She looks like another overweight welfare queen mooching off the people.

    I also rarely eat out. The last time i did there was a clear and present danger. A tranny queer was skipping along serving customers. I dont care how much those people scrub their hands, they carry much more than run of the mill germs.

  19. I watched a “life hack” video on yt the other day. It featured five ways to use old newspapers. And they were so common sense — or what used to be common sense — only a few years ago; things like using them to dry windows after you wash them. The video had over 300K views! It’s true, there are a lot of people wandering this country with no clue.

  20. Just think of how many aren’t taking video and getting away with it! I hope she goes to jail…

  21. The little bitch kid? 6 months in juvenile hall. The idiot bitch mom?
    10,000.00 fine and six months in jail. Make this licking bullshit a felony.

  22. “Don’t tell me how to live my life,”
    Translation: I’l contaminate whatever the hell I want.
    She told the kid to do it.

  23. Sent this one out to my e-mail group that includes my kids (both in medicine). Daughter just texted me that their’s are in cabinets and individually wrapped, but yes in the exam rooms.

    Wondering how many practices will be changing the way they set up the exam rooms. Also wondering if this one is too far down in Q to be read anymore.


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