Gee, What’s Happened in Sweden Lately That Would Necessitate a Rape Crisis Center For Men?

Sweden has opened rape crisis centers FOR MEN! The article doesn’t mention Muslims, but, seriously, what has happened in Sweden for them to have to necessarily open up such a place?

The Local-

Södersjukhuset already runs a round-the-clock walk-in clinic for women and girls who have been sexually assaulted in the city, treating between 600 and 700 patients a year. Now, the hospital, which hosts the largest emergency care unit in the Nordic region, is opening its doors to men and boys who are victims of rape and sex attacks.
“We are happy that we now can finally open the first rape clinic for men following the rape clinic for women,” Rasmus Jonlund, a press spokesperson for the Liberal Party, which led the campaign for the department in the Swedish capital, told The Local just ahead of the launch.
“It is the first in Sweden (…) We think it is the first in the world. We haven’t found another from our research on the world wide web,” he added.
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  1. “we are happy that we now can finally open the first rape clinic for men..”

    yep, happier than a pig in shit



  2. Free of charge too, so they can go out and get raped as often as they please.

    The insanity we are now witnessing in the world has got me looking with suspicion at just about everybody I meet. The koolaid is getting real strong and I’m wondering if it will ever level out.

  3. Leftists are ruinous idiots worldwide. Instead of avoiding problems in the first place, here unnecessary problems could have been avoided by simply forbidding the mass immigration of low intelligence hateful Muslim males, liberals believe they are being good sensible citizens by opening clinics to treat victims of their destructive policies. They are idiots. Worldwide.

  4. I don’t believe the average swede (or german of Italian for that matter) want this invasion any more than does the average american. Unfortunately, we are not being listened to by the politicians. The same thing is happening here too, but the administration spreads out the “refugees” so the invasion isn’t as noticeable. but it IS happening.

  5. Yeah they sound pretty proud. Libtards set up a losing situation so they can comfort the victims, and be a hero.

  6. Tex Antoine ABC weatherman was ahead of his time when he said of rape, if rape is inevitable , lay back and enjoy it. Or, in Sweden, bend over and enjoy it. Tex got fired for that remark back in the day. (He was also drunk) I remember that broadcast.
    As for the Swedes,? They are assholes anyway.
    But the clinic is free. duh.

  7. This whole “refugee” situation makes some of the conspiracies about a one world government seem quite rational and maybe even prescient. America is in bad financial condition after 7 years of a communist dictatorship and the unimpeded invasion of these “migrants” throughout Europe (and America) could easily start the dominoes falling for a global economic collapse ………. almost as if that were the plan all along The only hope for humanity will be a global communist solution (at least according to the ruling political elites).

  8. This is likely a clinic serving promiscuous Swiss homosexuals who’d sought out the novelty of sodomy with incoming Muslims but got rougher trade than they expected. That’s why you can expect no victim stats on this… the story is embarrassing to both homosexuals and Muslims.

    But like everywhere else, all rape is underreported. Where there’s some there’s more. Where there’s many, there’s many more. As we know, it will only get worse.

  9. No, no! You have it all wrong. This center is not to help men who have survived the trauma of rape. It is to help those who have committed it.

  10. First commenter noticed it;


    That about says it all. That’s how tightly the leftist mental reward circuitry is wound up around the glories of victimhood.

    Now imagine their disappointment if no males get raped. Should be good news right? But it wouldn’t be. Not at all. The main directors/facilitators of the male rape clinic would be so upset by a lack of rape victims.

  11. “How the mighty have fallen …”

    The terror of the seas getting raped by diseased ragheads, and they’re going to rape centers instead of Berserker School!

    French are probably feeling all sad and shit that they didn’t just rape the bastards back in 800 AD – they coulda kept “Normandy” for themselves.

  12. No, they do.. Swedes want it. Theirs is the same problem Germans have.

    They have this insane obedience to authority, this believe in the system, in their Betters, their Masters, and they will do ALMOST ANYTHING in order to be biddable.

    The solidarity is always with their Betters. Yet… there is a blatant lack of solidarity among Swedes, or Germans for that matter.

    There is no loyalty among citizens. None. I just don’t see it. They will always only be loyal to who is above them, but never to who is among them.

    Makes me think of Hagen von Tronje, the character in the Ring of the Nibelung, the Wagner Opera. In the first part, ‘Dawn of the Gods’, it is shown so clearly how formidably obedient and submissive to Authorit Hagen is, while he had no problem ramming a speer into the back of his fellow landsman Siegfried.

    Siegfried was invincible except for one spot, and Hagen sought out that one spot with ruthless diligence on the order of his Betters.

    I have come to believe that Hagen is the role model for the modern German and Swede.

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