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Gender Free Target

DailySurge– The latest cause for outrage among America’s feminist is Target stores and their insensitive signage that unfairly categorize “girls” and “boys” as two totally different things.


After receiving some negative feedback from some offended customers, Target is now calling its decision to use “displays specially designed to help guests get through the store efficiently,” offensive and unacceptable.  MORE


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  1. “girls” and “boys” as two totally different things

    last time we knew that was true.

    did further human evolution suddenly happen and no told me?

    i was told evolution took millions of years and successive generations to happen, it’s just happening too fast.

    heck, we just got over not being apes anymore didn’t we?

  2. OK, suppose I am a male that self-identifies as a female.
    I go to Target to shop for women’s clothes.
    That is what you do if you identify as female, right?
    I look for signs for the Ladies department.
    Nope, they removed them!

    Liberals are so twisted up in illogical ideology they just can’t help themselves.
    Poor damn fools!

  3. I sure am glad our kids are grown up, but I can tell you that they were definitely not “gender neutral” nor were their toys and nor did we experiment with any PC bullshit to influence that! Kids will be kids and in a normal, healthy family kids will be normal kids and don’t try to change the definition of normal just because it doesn’t fit some crazy Leftist agenda!

  4. What the hell is wrong with Target? They’d rather buckle under to a hand fulla feminazis than man up and tell them to go to hell. If they showed up at my store I’d kick those feminazis in the balls and tell them to go eff themselves. Wouldn’t even apologize for hurting their feelings. Doing my part to help them go out of business.

  5. what is sad about this is that with all the real issues that we live with day to day that do need fixing. That any effort on anybody’s part is wasted on something as silly as the signs above clothing in a store is pathetic. to quote her thighness ” what difference does it make?”

  6. I’ve always believed that one of the key things that made America Great, beyond our Constitution, was an abundance of Common Sense. Unfortunately, Common Sense is in much shorter supply in America today than it was prior to 40 years ago.

    Well, that plus a previous absence of the Bureaucracy-Red(.gov)-Tape Monster. Who the hell gave the unelected minions of the departments of the Executive Branch the authority to write laws? Which is lawfully the duty of only the Legislative Branch.

  7. Yet another winning business decision by Target, fresh on the heels of having to close down their entire Canadian operation for a big loss for failing to recognize market needs.

    Also, feminists accept gender differences when they need to get their self-affirming hate on for men. These bitches be crazy.

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