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Hillary’s College Compact, Warmed Over Socialism

Details are hard to come by on exactly how Hillary Clinton’s “New College Compact” would work, but it sure looks a lot like the Obamacare Medicaid bait and switch.

 U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton takes a question from the audience during a campaign town hall meeting in Exeter, New Hampshire August 10, 2015. Clinton spoke about her plans to make college more affordable.    REUTERS/Brian Snyder


 As I commented on this article “Shifting the cost of college to the taxpayer isn’t “bringing down the cost of education.” 


Just another cynical attempt to buy votes with some else’s money.


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  1. And just who exactly is supposed to pay for all this free college education, huh? This is just another attempt to buy votes from younger people who are too stupid or ignorant to figure it out while the rest of us who actually work pay for their education. AIN’T PROGRESSIVISM/LIBTARDISM WONDERFUL!

  2. VOTE BUYING is NOT “warmed over” anything.

    STEP 1: Take from the folks that do something constructive for society.

    STEP 2: Give that as FREE SH!T to others (in this case young student VOTERS).

    STEP 3: Get their votes.


    STEP 5: Threaten them that they MUST VOTE FOR YOU or they’ll be screwed.

    STEP 6: Rinse and repeat.

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