Ghost of McCain Screwing With US – Sinema Will Probably Win By 1 Vote, Meghan’s

Kyrsten Sinema moves ahead of Martha McSally in Arizona Senate race.


PHOENIX – The contentious, drawn-out race for Arizona’s U.S. Senate seat flipped Thursday, with Democrat Kyrsten Sinema moving ahead of Republican Martha McSally’s lead after the latest batch of results.

Sinema took a lead of more than 9,000 votes after a blue wave of ballots were reported from the state’s two largest counties.

McSally entered the day with a lead of around 17,000 votes in the race to replace Republican Sen. Jeff Flake, who did not seek re-election.

A batch of Maricopa County votes pushed Sinema ahead by around 2,000 votes, and the lead swelled by another 7,000 after Pima County reported.

Daily updates also came from Gila, Pinal, Mohave, Yuma and Yavapai counties, which are far smaller than Maricopa and Pima.

Maricopa, Greenlee, Pima, Pinal and Yuma still had outstanding votes as of early Thursday evening, according to the Arizona Secretary of State website.


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  1. Amazing, ain’t it. Who’d have thunk it. I’m sure there’s been no effort to purge red ballots.

    Democrats are honest and know better than us what’s right for everyone.

  2. Why is anyone surprised? These idiots had been putting the Democrat McCain in office over and over and also put the Democrat Flake in office. Putting another Democrat in office seems right on track for them.

    Then we will have to hear about how dissatisfied they are, and in six years, they will vote Democrat again.

  3. They must have found some all-purpose democrat votes in the trunk of a car left over from the fraudulent Al Franken “victory”.

  4. There are just too many races that ended up this close. I am now convinced that the whole thing is rigged so the democraps can make “real time” adjustments and just barely “win” when the actual ballots would show them losing by a lot. Trump’s actual margin of victory in 2016 was sooo large they didn’t have enough fake ballots to overcome it.

  5. Bad_Brad, are you in the Redding area? A lot of my family had to drive through flames to escape Paradise this morning. After several hours, everyone is safely accounted for but they all think they all lost their homes. Feather River Hospital was in flames while they were trying to evacuate patients. I pray there are no fatalities. I am so thankful all my family members got out alive. I would have to have been put on a haldol drip if I lost someone else I love so soon after losing Jim.

  6. Ronald Reagan’s republic, a once shining city on a hill has become a series of well armed cul de sacs and farms and ranches. Brown shirts have taken over the honest electoral process and have corrupted it. They terrorize women home alone. I have seen about enough.

  7. RottyLover

    No I’m south of there. I do have some relatives that live in Paradise and trying to reach them. GoldenFox lives just north of there in Oroville. A monster fire that went from 5,000 acres to 18,000 acres in a couple hours. I read a report today from CalFire that it’s consuming 8 football fields per minute. They are worried about Paradise being burnt to the ground. Thanks for asking.

  8. “Ah well, I bet Utah is still sane.”
    …sorry, @Aaron Burr, but they elected Romney, so no, they’re not…

  9. In the entire history of recounts, from Florida to Washington to Minnesota to Arizona to California have the Repubs picked up even 1 vote? EVER? Every single time this happens the Repubs lose ground. Not hard to see the corruption. Where is the outrage on the right?

  10. @ Aaron Burr….check out Norte Dakota….the summers are great, winters are long and the chicks cook very good then snuggle like puppies…

  11. ISIS sympathizers to the AZ Southwest
    Islamic State in the MN Northeast
    Feeling that something ain’t right?
    McCain brought the Stan home to roost
    Stuck in the middle of the back, along with you

  12. Ugh. No. Please don’t let her win. 🙁
    I voted, I made sure 5 others voted. I did my civic duty and researched the candidates, I did everything right.

    Please, God. I’ve got enough shit to deal with right now.

  13. I was thinking of how much I dislike Nevada so I figured sleepy old Utah was safe….. forgot to check the election results….gah…

    But it’s just like Arizona except they keep their water above ground in “rivers’ and “lakes” like crazy people.

    My county is solidly red but I guess Flagstaff nulls our votes which is B.S. because most of those voters are students who leave after 2 to 4 years. That place is notorious for passing laws that have to be repealed a short time later because…. stoopid college kids.

    Anyway, this state still kicks ass. But I guess it’s headed like New York state where nothing matters vote wise except NYC. Who’d a thunk Tucson and Phoenix would grow into places that mattered?

    We’ll see how this turns out I guess. Went to bed on tues and weds thinking all was right in the world then this happens.

    Should probably stock up on switchblades, butterfly knives and sword canes before they make all that illegal.

  14. “Please, God. I’ve got enough shit to deal with right now.”

    Sounds like you need some RANGE time Gurl. I’m not joking.

  15. The previously uncounted votes are mostly coming from Maricopa county, which includes Phoenix. Hence the urban, brain-dead, democrat upturn!

  16. Rotty Lover & BB — Gerard Van der Luen woke up to heavy smoke, grabbed Olive (his editorial assistant), a few clothes, his computer and got out of there (around 8:30a.). He’s likely burned out, but is safe and sound down in Chico tonight. We just talked with him. Go see his post:

    Such a nightmare.

  17. OMB
    Had some pretty hot womenz. Married a hot womenz. I really don’t appreciate her socialist shit. Even with her over bite.

  18. Because of this and Florida and other elections, it is to be hoped that the United States Attorney General steps in to ensure Federal Election Laws are being followed, diligently.

  19. This is happening because most of the state GOP leaders are globalist tools. They want the democrats to win in many cases. You can’t tell me that there aren’t people in the GOP who are smart enough to make sure that what’s going on in AZ and FL doesn’t happen. They’re flat out letting it happen.

  20. @ Aaron Burr. Dont believe willysgoatgruff. I’ve been there. SD is full of ND’ers that come down to SD for the winter.

  21. BB — I just saw your post at his site. You’re such a good lad! He’s with mamacita tonight but he’s likely lost everything. Have you connected with your family members up there yet?

    I’m grateful he didn’t wait around to bug out. But I can’t believe he stopped to post a thread about it! Idiot!!

    Geoff C. and I, while visiting him one time, got lost down in some gulch where the houses were situated on lots among the trees. It was incredibly foggy (morning), no sidewalks, just trails. I don’t even know how the mailman knows where the addresses are. It looked like an old hippy encampment that discovered Lowes. With all of CA’s regulations on building, it was unimaginable that anything in that neck of Paradise would pass an inspection of ANY kind. “Road” is an overstatement; more like cow trails. Cannot imagine for one second being in a fire there. Scary!

  22. I got tired of bitching about the election so I went over to youtube.

    Man, anything recorded in Budokan is like, gold.

  23. Places to retire:
    Stay in Wisconsin – nope.
    Move to Florida – no more.
    Get to Arizona – nada.
    Buy a few parkas and move to Alaska wilderness – looking better every election.


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