GM To Test Michelin’s Airless Tires This Year

In what may be a revolution in rubber meeting the road, Michelin has rolled out prototypes of its new Uptis tire (Unique Puncture-proof Tire System). GM has announced it will be running Michelin’s invention on Chevrolet Bolt electric cars this summer on Michigan roads. More

Video of GM running the tires on a test track that closes replicates the streets of Detroit. Here

I wonder how these things will ride at -10 degrees? – Dr. Tar

20 Comments on GM To Test Michelin’s Airless Tires This Year

  1. Boy, this will really help police when they have to lay down spike strips to stop a bunch of car jackers on freeway…..not.

    Replicating the streets of Detroit? So do you have to weaver through a bunch of homeless with shopping carts, avoid the random pimp and dodge a crackhead while under fire from the fellas in the Impala doing a drive-by?

  2. I’ve seen some lawn care machines sporting those tires. John Deere been using for awhile. Wonder how well it dissipates heat in high temp, long distance jaunts.

  3. While they are testing the tires, I hope they take note of what it does to the roads. I can’t imagine they would be very kind to any medium used to surface the roads. As it is now, you should see the pot holes after a frigid winter. Oy, you could lose your whole car in many of them!

  4. What I want to see make a comeback is what I used to call dust caps. I think they were actually called snow grips, my dad was a tire distributor and had interest in a Bandag plant and they also made what I called nut caps that had walnut shells in the tread. Dust caps had sawdust in them and really, really soft compound making them “the shit” when it came to Friday night burnout contests.

    They were absolutely the best ever on snow and ice, but wouldn’t last five hundred miles run on warm dry pavement. The sawdust had no thermal conductivity and they just burned up when run on dry pavement.

    That is what made them the Friday night favorites too though. We could burn a pair the cord in under five minutes. Also used to burn my dad’s as to a crisp when he found out we were burning them up just for fun.

  5. “…a test track that closes replicates the streets of Detroit.”
    Funny, I didn’t see any pimps, ho’s, streetcorner drug dealers or other assorted thugs there – sure it’s Detroit?

  6. Have used these on bobcats and fork lifts. They work ok not great. Have had them tear from the rim on bobcats and the tire rim are one piece.Cars might use a bead lock rim if not they will be costly.

  7. Seems like an invitation to cutting the thinnest part to “flatten” the tire.

    Read elsewhere among greater motorheads in-the-know that they aren’t useful in far too many road conditions in the USA…

    I’ve had FAR too many flats and, considering over 90% of cars don’t carry spares anymore…I give them a “10” for resourceful thinking, though!

  8. That is not a new concept. It was developed back in the 70’s but had problems above 50 mph. They may have re-engineered it to keep it from self destructing at highway speeds.

  9. No more flats?

    I predict Italy will reject this tire outright.

    No more wop wop wop ? Atsa Unacceptable! Basta!




    Yeah, I’ll see myself out..

  10. ChristianPDX – Gives the cops in our best cities one more excuse to murder drivers for misdemeanor traffic violations.

  11. @Pyctyc

    Yes, like failure to wear a seat belt with a crack pipe and stolen 45 in their lap. SJW happy hour ended 1 hour and 44 minutes ago….comment like these need to make their way to Vox or the Daily Beast after 6:00 PM.


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