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Good Samaritans killed after helping stranded driver


NYP– HELENA, Mont. — An 18-year-old Wyoming man accused of robbing and shooting three members of a family after asking for roadside help told investigators he opened fire after one of the victims laughed at him, an FBI agent said in a court filing Thursday.

Jason Shane, 51, and Tana Shane, 47, died in the Wednesday shooting in the small town of Pryor, FBI spokesman Todd Palmer told The Associated Press. Their daughter, 26-year-old Jorah Shane, was shot in the back when she tried to run away, and she is recovering in a Billings hospital, the woman’s aunt, Ada Shane, said.

The statement by Special Agent Larry McGrail II was filed in US District Court seeking a murder warrant for Jesus Deniz, also known as Jesus Deniz Mendoza, of Worland, Wyoming. MORE

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  1. FTA: “He’s only 18, and he looked like an innocent boy,”

    I guess some people see what they want to see.
    The mug shot shows me everything I need to see.

  2. That joker hasn’t been 18 for 18 years! He is, however, a precious cuddly looking ball of fur that anyone would love to nestle up to (bet ten up arrows that he is as illegal as it is possible to be in the USA)!

  3. Is it still a hate crime if an Aztec kills an American Indian? Or is he justified because he’s a Reconquista jihadi?

  4. “An 18-year-old Wyoming man accused of robbing and shooting three members of a family after asking for roadside help told investigators he opened fire after one of the victims laughed at him”

    “18 year old” – the age given is highly suspect isn’t it, look at his picture.
    “Wyoming man” – again highly suspect, looks Mexican.
    “asking for roadside help” – a very common ploy for roadside robbers.
    “opened fire after” – after or right away? we only have the killers word.
    “victims laughed at him” – sure, they all laughed while you were shooting them.

    whole story is made up by the msm trying to keep the damage to the immigration debate as small as possible.

  5. Did he come here when 0bama told him he should be reunited with his mom?

    All this going on, and yeb Booosh is STILL going on about legallizing illegals just a few days ago in FL on latin TV.
    Fuck, I hate that guy.

  6. I laugh at his dumb looking ass. I think the doctor delivering this scumbag squeezed the forceps too hard. He looks like a gourd…that’s it…”hey gourd head what’s your problem?”

  7. “According to Washakie County Circuit Court documents, Deniz was arrested earlier this month for burglary. His bond was originally set at $10,000 cash on July 6. However, on July 16, his bond was modified to a $10,000 signature bond. He was subsequently released from the Washakie County Jail.”

    Yeah the article says he was raised by his grandparents… says he went to High School in Worland, WY. It’s impossible to know if his grandparents speak a particle of English or if the kid was born in the US.

    I live in a WY town where we employ all sorts of nationalities as slave labor. WE are full of guys who look like that. They are frequently in jail. Oh, does that sound racist ? Statistics are racist ? Facts are racist ? They don’t have “papers” and they don’t have driver’s licenses and they don’t drive well, and they don’t want to be part of the way things work best for citizens. They are coasters and moochers. The are troubled and they are trouble.

  8. Sometimes don’t you wish we operated from a position of no law and order for these miscreants? A few of them need to be found hanging from a cactus.

  9. This asshole’s profile looks like it came from the museum in Mexico City. A wax likeness of the indegenous morons who had their collective asses kicked by the Spaniards. Son of a bitch should be walking through the jungle with a gut full of parasites.

  10. WWJD?

    In this case, rob and murder.

    Memo to Latinas: Stop naming your baby boys Jesus, especially if you lifestyle assures they will turn out to be murdering thugs.

  11. Mendoza (“18” going on 30) was arrested for burglary a month ago but couldn’t be deported since he had a Green Card. He entered the US in 2013. So I am guessing relatives brought him in on a family reunion visa, and lied like like a rug on the application. 1/4 of all Mexicans are already in the US. When is enough?

  12. Maybe at least ONE night a year when we can purge society of its ills with no consequences?

    Sounds familiar, this purging thing.

    Nah, I’m sure no one’s thought of that before…

  13. Fuck it. I give. Being white is now a crime FUCK YOU, OBAMA! You are consciously destroying this country. Fuck you, commie motherfucker. 2% Growth rate? BULLSHIT!!!!!

  14. Mexicans have been doing this kind of thing to Native Americans since long before the West was settled. Yet it’s the white man that they would rather not stop to help, generally speaking, most of the time.

    The town of Pryor is on the Crow Indian reservation about 18 miles from the highway that most travelers take through that area. I think the nearest gas station is in Bridger 30 miles to the southwest.
    I’m curious as to why he was on the reservation in the first place. Would not be the best place to look for something to steal.

    Prayers for Jorah Shane. I wonder if her people figured out yet how to break the news to her that her parents were killed.

  15. The article doesn’t specifically say so, but I’m adding this to my “illegal alien crime” file. *spit*

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