If Josh Earnest Was Around During WWII

josh_earnest-1024x820German Press Conference:

German Reporter: “Herr Earnest, what do you have to say about the films that have emerged showing Jews being burned to death in gigantic ovens by members of your political party?

Nazi Josh Earnest: “I don’t know anything about these films, and neither does Fuhrer Obama. But if I did, I would know that they are deceptively edited films made by an extremist right wing organization. We would round up these film makers – who are probably also Jews – and burn them to death in gigantic ovens.”

German Reporter: “Sounds reasonable.”

13 Comments on If Josh Earnest Was Around During WWII

  1. Trying to keep his tongue behind his teeth cuz he keeps getting flashes of Obola’s chocolate starfish.

  2. He’s even a bigger dumbass than Jay Carney was. How do these spokespeople for barry even sleep at night after spewing bullshit like this all day and every day. Maybe they’ll all turn into that ultimate spokesperson dumbass some day, Bill Moyers and get their own show on PBS. Yippee Skippee!

  3. He’s a looker, ain’t he, Jed? I betcha we could make him squeal like a pig in no time flat. He’s got a pretty mouth too. After a night or two in the woods, I betcha we could stop his lying.

  4. Definition of Josh: To tease (someone) in a playful way.

    Definition of Earnest: Resulting from or showing sincere and intense conviction.

    From these two definitions, I would conclude that Hussein’s current ‘spokesperson’ has to be about the most conflicted person on the planet.

  5. Geoff ta
    Beat me to it How do you lie like a rug for a living? What a piece of catshit this pice of shit is.
    I hope he is proud of himself.

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