Good Story – Headline Was a Little Awkward

Female Officer Starts Pumping Gas When Someone Comes Up From Behind

This story was sent in by Tsunami. I never know what the stories are, and more times than not I don’t use tips because people don’t give me a quick synopsis of what the story is about.

(I can’t click open every email that says “must see,” “this is a good one” etc., only to find out we did the story, or we don’t want to do the story. It would take hours.)

Tsunami’s subject line was “I felt compelled to share this awesome story.” That’s one of the risky ones. But I caught a glimpse of the headline (repeated above) and luckily it appealed to my 5th grade sensibilities. I’m glad I read it because the story doesn’t at all deserve my juvenile interpretation.

video at CNN


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  1. Waiting for harbqll to say something…… the teen shouldn’t have been willing to stick his neck out for any police thug Nazi……..

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