GOP Candidate Invokes ‘Billy Graham Rule’

Media Firestorm Ensues

CBN News – A Republican running for governor of Mississippi sparked a media firestorm for refusing to let a female reporter go on a 15-hour campaign “ride-along” with him unless she agreed to bring along a colleague.

Candidate Robert Foster says he was following the “Billy Graham” rule and had made a promise to his wife never to be alone with another woman.

The newspaper reporter, Larrison Campbell, told CNN she felt she was being treated as a sexual object first, and a reporter second.

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17 Comments on GOP Candidate Invokes ‘Billy Graham Rule’

  1. When I was teaching, I would never be in a room with a single student, male or female. It wasn’t school policy at the time, just my own policy. If a student needed to discuss something personal it was by telephone, during school hours, on my desk phone.

  2. Billy Graham rule. Also known as the Mike Pence rule. For when you don’t want wild wayward wimmen grabbing you by the willy.


  3. Good call, Mr. Foster. In a world with whoreporters like Ali Watkins of the NYT, you can never be too careful. Make them start with your middle school yearbook.

  4. This is a good policy that protects both men and women from both real and imaginary unwanted encounters.

    Which probably means the Democrats will be outraged by it for multiple reasons.

  5. I mean if she was covering a Democrat running for office and scooped a story that the man was cheating on his wife… yawn. A Republican, well that is a horse of a different color aaaaaand there is nothing there. And now she is being told she will have to have a ride along if she is going to cover the guy? How can you phone it in, you know Jason Blair the job, when you have a ride along with you? She’s just pissed because the story she has already written won’t fly and now she will have to actually work if she stays on the job.

  6. I’ve never had a problem with a reporter of either sex, just their photographers, the ones that wouldn’t give me a heads up like “suck in in” before taking a picture/video with me in it!

  7. This is the type of shit leftist women always do. If you’re ever alone with one at any time, then at any time the future, she can claim you raped her without showing an iota of proof, and if you refuse to be alone with them, then you’re sexist or a pussy. They build a universe of cunt-rhetoric in which you’re always a bad person no matter what the fuck you do.

    Fuck them… not literally of course. Women who pull this crap should be shunned by all self-respecting men. Don’t even acknowledge their existence. Give them as much room in your world as they plan to give you in the entire world… nothin’.

  8. Very sorry it is at this point but that is a smart man.

    This became popular, or allowed in culture, after chics were allowed into the MALE locker rooms for interviews.

  9. A public figure can’t trust any woman he isn’t the son of, married to or the father of.
    She’s just a set up to try and entrap him.

  10. Smart guy! This looked and smelled like a jouranalistic set up from the start. Her subsequent behavior proves it. No one in his right mind would trust any jouranalist, especially a female one.

  11. Since she already accused him of sexism, he should openly accuse her of being much less than a lady. She’s either some sex-crazed maniac looking for an opportunity to do perverted things to him or she has some ulterior motive to harm him, his family, or his career.

    Put it out in the open – why would a _LADY_ object to a man trying to protect her reputation? How is having another person present any kind of “bad thing” if nothing nefarious is going down? What’s the REAL reason she wants to get him alone?

  12. Larrison Campbell was trying to sexually entrap him it looks like from her response.

    Dont’t fall for it. If you have money or power. Stay the fuck away from libtard women.
    It will never end well for you even if they’re not trying to entrap you.

    Everything you say and do can be used against you in the court of public opinion.


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