Flashback to Day 1 of Tlaib’s Service

Just a reminder for those who forgot-

Let’s send her back to her country… Detroit.

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  1. It takes a brother effer to know that Trump is a supposed mother effer. She needs to go somewhere else, preferably N. Korea, Venezuela or Cuba because Somalia has enough sense that they don’t want her back. And we don’t want her either.

  2. Detroit is a foreign country — remember all those “Imported from Detroit’ ads ??

    In my opinion, Rashida is the ugliest and the most dangerous-traitorous of the bunch.

  3. I still want to know why Pramila Jayapal is not a part of these discussions. She is a freshman congressman, an immigrant from India, and is every bit anti-American as those other traitors and trouble makers.

  4. She must have formed a chapter of the Ugliest Females not in Captivity. [UFNIC}
    She could be the cover for Jack Azzez Magazine.

  5. AA, you’re welcome! Did you have them displayed on the way home? I only got a couple thumbs up on the way home but the reason for that is I was passing everyone so I would have had to see them from my rear view mirror. No one flipped me off that I saw.

  6. Isn’t she the House Rep who has said she self identifies as a Pallytard? I have ZERO tolerance for such people.

  7. I didn’t want Geoff to use them on the freeway because I didn’t want them to come off. We would have never recovered them. We did see Trump stickers on others’ cars/trucks. There was one great sticker on a truck that said “Not a Liberal”.


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