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Tuesday – July 16 – LIVE 8:00pm – 10:00pm EST

* The Left, Democrats, Media, Hollywood (all one of the same) call President a RACIST… AGAIN!

* President tells the SQUAD (Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley) go back to where you came from, FIX IT and COME BACK and tell us how you did it!

* Nancy Pelosi Broke House Rules by Calling Trump ‘Racist’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was found to have broken the rules of the U.S. House of Representatives by calling President Donald Trump “racist” on the floor Tuesday, but Democrats voted to keep her remarks in the record and restore her speaking privileges.

Pelosi had delivered a statement calling the president racist as a prelude to voting on a House resolution to that effect. Rep. Chris Collins (R-GA) raised a point of order, objecting that Pelosi’s statement was a violation of House rules.

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36 Comments on TONIGHT! 8:00pm EST – The U.S. & Eh?! Show w/ @MikeNordstrom3 & @Mr_Pinko

  1. LCD, I hope we got video of that!!!

    Mr. Pinko and Mike: I’ve been listening to the Senate hearing on Google censorship. Been pretty interesting. Still waiting for Dennis Prager’s turn. They had to call a recess to take some Senate votes going on. They will probably come back when you are on. I pick listening to you!

  2. There’s video and more…

    Here’s the breitbart link…

    This is turning into the hyena snapping at its own guts after they fall out when wounded.

    EDIT: should the above not be enough grist for the milll…

    Hope the boys are looking here before the start…

  3. Three videos in the breitbart link with the third (Doug Collins) getting good around 4:40… Believe this is what sparked him (Cleaver) abandoning the chair.

    Could replay any or all on the broadcast…

    Edit: By the time you read this, over Five Thousand (5,000) comments at Breitbart.

  4. “Meanwhile, in the House today…”
    they are out of order, according to ‘Jefferson’s Manual’:
    “Language inpugning the patriotism or loyalty of the President is out of order…”
    the lunatics are running the asyum
    pelosi must be censored for such a grievous breech of decorum

    1. Jefferson’s Manual, A Manual of Parliamentary Practice was adopted by the House of Representatives into its rules in 1837.
    2. One of the rules states that, one cannot call the president of the United States a bigot or a racist from the House floor.
    3. Nancy did just that, including in the title of her petition against president Donald Trump.
    4. Pelosi said that her words were cleared by the parliamentarism…She lied.
    5. Pelosi was put in the dog house of representatives and not allowed to speak for the remaining day. BTW, she did.
    6. In pure party-line vote, Pelosi’s statements that violated Jefferson’s rules adopted by the House will remain on record.
    7. It’s a dog house with the Dems in control!

  6. One more thing. People like Ben Shapiro like to poo-poo Trump’s “4-D chess” thing. But I think it’s pretty obvious that Trump’s tweets this weekend and the beginning of the week were not really taking aim at AOC, Omar,…He was aiming directly at Pelosi and the democratic party in general. And after today, All I have to say is Bulls-eye!!!

  7. You guys are LIT tonight! You’re heating me up! Maybe Mr. Pinko you should always wait until 4:30 to check the news! You didn’t have no “chill” time. 🙂

  8. Meerkat, my phone has choppy service the last few days. Keeps dropping calls. Need to get a new phone some day.

  9. Claudia — thanks so much for mentioning the hearings today, I completely forgot and was looking forward to it. Now I can watch it tonight off c-span or the highlights on YT.

  10. AA, it was actually very interesting. Dennis Prager didn’t have much time to talk since they had several people on the panel.

    Ted Cruz, Marsha Blackburn and one other senator (sorry, don’t remember who – he was only there for the first part when they grilled the guy from Google) were very powerful. Made me want to stand and cheer!

  11. Maybe I should have a Jersey gathering…Any takers? I got a house and a grill! (central Jersey)

  12. Illustr8r did a great job of putting the weekend together. (Thank You) You will see the pictures soon. Every one needs to link up in their area with iOTW Friends. You will have fun and and make new friends, not just online friends.

  13. Meerkat just do it. Put out a call for a meet up.
    Then just follow up with anyone who wants to show up.
    Make a plan and stick to it.
    It is worth you time. You and anyone who shows up will have fun.

  14. It was just like meeting old fiends once the ice was broken. Meerkat you will enjoy meeting anyone who shows up.


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