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Gorsuch Lets Activist Judges Know He’s Not Putting Up With Their Antics

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On Monday, the Supreme Court allowed the Trump administration’s public charge rule to go into effect, striking down a nationwide injunction from a New York judge. The rule allows the government to deny green cards to immigrants who receive public assistance and are therefore considered a “public charge.

In addition to the 5-4 decision allowing the rule to go into effect, Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch issued a concurring opinion rebuking activist judges and their rush to apply “nationwide injunctions” against Trump administration policies.

“Today the Court (rightly) grants a stay, allowing the government to pursue (for now) its policy everywhere save Illinois. But, in light of all that’s come before, it would be delusional to think that one stay today suffices to remedy the problem. The real problem here is the increasingly common practice of trial courts ordering relief that transcends the cases before them. Whether framed as injunctions of ‘nationwide,’ ‘universal,’ or ‘cosmic’ scope, these orders share the same basic flaw—they direct how the defendant must act toward persons who are not parties to the case,” Gorsuch wrote. More

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  1. The best nominee in my lifetime. From ’06 to ’17 the Supreme Court was very liberal/ leftist. In ’18 for the first time in decades most rulings were conservative. this year it was again liberal. But at least for 1 year it was conservative in the majority of it rulings. For the first time in many decades!

  2. That was an admonishment and a good one, but it wasn’t a solution to put a stop to it further happening.

  3. This is just common sense. If our judicial system were not so screwed up there would be no reason to even address something so fundamental.

  4. The seditious gay Kenyan commie really scraped the bottom of the barrel when he put those two unqualified women(?) on the SC. Neither of those pathetic leftist losers are qualified to serve on weekend Traffic Court.

  5. Judge
    Cn you name the liberal liar who put “the wise Latina” on the Fed Bench so she could be on the SC?

    Hint: member of the leftist Bush Clan!


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