Woman who complained about White Finnish men is murdered by her Muslim migrant boyfriend


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  1. Reality is a bitch. It’s even worse for those who are completely unprepared for it due to their self imposed ignorance. I’ll bet her dying thought was “if it weren’t for the Jews this would not be happening”.

  2. In Islam, no vagina is allowed to criticize a penis. Even a white infidel penis, on pain of death. She may be better off because he choice of boy friend means she was too stupid to live for long anyway,,

  3. It has been my observation that women who complain the most are generally projecting their experience with the outcome of their own piss poor dating choices (in most cases they were warned what they were getting into) onto men who have nothing to do with their experiences. Quite frequently (actually almost always) when they disparage men of their own race their own father was a piece of shit so in order to not place blame where it legitimately belongs – white men in general are their target… I can state unequivocally that each and every case of the latter in which I know the parties in question, when some woman is complaining about men of their own race, her father is a total piece of shit and has been a piece of shit for as long as I have known him.

  4. Many years ago when Iranians were flooding in, it was the cool thing for white American young women to get Iranian boyfriends/husbands. They always talked about how much better they were than American boys/men. Every single one I knew either personally or through someone else were beaten more than once, one who was almost beaten to death. Her husband not only was not arrested for his crime because he fled to Iran, but he took their young baby with him.

  5. What is it about 1400 years of constant, unrelieved, brutal savagery that people fail to “get”?


  7. Old Racist White Woman@

    Similar thing happened to my 2 nieces of mine.

    Very Common and sad.

    I have made sure my daughter and son both know better. Besides, I’m a good ARCHER!

  8. Not surprised to read this. I don’t understand what happened in the Scandinavian countries. They invited a bunch of Muslim savages in and then act surprised when women become targets. Check out this PSA the Finns put out several years ago. I laughed so hard I named my deep concealed pistol – mitten!


  9. Ironic but not funny…
    Just- pathetic I guess? Not her, but the society and state that deluded her into her unsafe, unstable relationship that ultimately killed her.

    Schools all over western countries teach children and young people (like me) that white people, especially the men, are ‘toxic’ and that if you’re brown or from the middle east you’re automatically an oppressed angelic do-gooder.

    Tdlr; this chick was brainwashed and murdered as a result.
    Castrating the boyfriend and forcing him to his own bits sounds like a good punishment to me.


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