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Gowdy Update on Benghazi Hearings

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10 Comments on Gowdy Update on Benghazi Hearings

  1. Every time I hear some Prog talk about the racist, ignorant, misogynist South I throw out Gowdy, Graham, Haley and Scott then ask them to match that, they can’t, nobody can.

  2. Gowdy can minimize the import of Hitlery ‘ s testimony all he wants, but I will be taking my tablet to work on Thursday to live-stream the master chef grilling the steak well done.

  3. I’m skeptical. It sounds like he is going to be interviewing people till the cows come home. He wasn’t there when Huma appeared. I really want to like the guy but I’m concerned he is going to make a career out of getting nothing done.

  4. I want him to become Attorney General in the next administration. I would say President, but I think he’s too honest to qualify.

  5. Lot’s o’ talk; ZERO indictments. Gowdy is all mouth and nothing else, just like his handlers in the Establishment.
    Mark Levin “Gowdy is the Republican Party’s dancing bear.”

  6. “The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.” We’ll see who has the last laugh here when the final card is played, and I suspect that it may be a trey of clubs…


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