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ISIS Comes Up With New Way To Kill a Guy

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They just chain him behind a truck and drive around until he’s dead, shaving him down slowly, while leaving a red streak in his wake.

It’s the religion of peace.


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  1. Stuff like this makes me think Screwy Lewy Farykhan is right about the Muthaship. These demons were delivered to us from an ugly part of the universe on some Inter-Galatic Garbage Express from Hell!

  2. I am already mad at the damned muzzies just for reading the article Muslims and dogs on todays American Thinker. eff pisslam! Keep your filthy hands off of my dog and everyone else’s dog as well or else!

  3. Hundreds of years from now History Students (if there are any) will marvel that we did not eradicate this strain of barbarism infecting the Human Race when we had the chance.

    Muslims do not deserve a Future
    We should take it away from them

  4. i’m telling you….we need to be dipping our ammo and bombs in pig fat….and let it be known that it is.

    it would definitely be a game changer

  5. In the same town where Byrd was murdered, a white, elderly man had his brains bashed in by a black man with a shovel. It happened that same week. Reason? The “white bastard” wouldn’t give him money. The national press couldn’t have cared less.

  6. I figure you can interdict an area by “contaminating” it with pig fat. The lazy man’s (that’s me) way would be to use an aerial drone and emulsified lard. Take three parts lard, one part water, and some lecithin powder (quantity varies). Put all of the above in a large bowl and blend at high speed for about one minute. Pour the liquid into a disposable container attached to the drone, then punch a small hole in the container just before launch. It will dribble liquid pig on, say, mosques or Islamic “culture” centers.

    Just a thought…

  7. @Uncle Al – I like how you think

    they try to intimidate us through their brutality
    we should intimidate them through their beliefs

  8. Amen!

    And I just thought of a little twist on the liquid pig formula. Instead of water, just use piss. I don’t know how to accumulate enough, but dog piss would do nicely!

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