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Sears Caves To Pressure From Muslim Complaints


Sears won’t be selling the “Infidel” hat that proud infidels, like me, would wear.

ht/ FDR in Hell

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  1. I think I’ve identified the next great cottage industry opportunity.

    How do you say “Sears sucks” in Arabic?

  2. Went to go pull one off eBay for about 9 bucks, but the back strap is buckle type with metal latch. The latch will turn green, stain the hat, stretch the material and it won’t stay fit on my head any longer. Has anyone found them with a velcro adjustable strap?

  3. They’re replacing it with the home do-it-your-sorry-Motard-self Female genital mutilation kit. No wonder Sears is circling the toilet bowl.

    Bonni over at Bare Naked Islam sells counter jihad wear. Please check out what BNI has and support an excellent site.

  4. Remember that Sears is headquartered in Sh!tcago.

    “Ah, yah better take dat Infidel hat outta yer stores. It’d be unfortunate if somethin’ happened to dem nice stores ya got out dere.”

    Politics overrules everything in Sh!tcago. Remember that it’s called Windy City because of the politicians and not the lake breeze.

  5. You haven’t lived until you been called an infidel by jihadist clerks while shopping in a dollar store. I was wearing a large scarf – (bad hair day) and not accompanied by a man or had children with me, so one followed me down an aisle to check me out. When the jihadist clerk decided I wasn’t muslim, he reported to the other jihadist clerk, loud enough for me to hear them, “…infidel”
    A proud moment I will cherish. Never shopped there again.

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