‘GQ’ Names Serena Williams ‘Woman’ of the Year


Breitbart Sports: GQ chose tennis star Serena Williams as its woman of the year, however, the magazine is taking flack for its decision to put quote marks around the word “woman” on the cover.

The magazine announced its award of woman of the year along with its men of the year awards. But the images of the various covers drew sharp criticism because the men of the years had no quote marks around the word men while the Williams cover did feature the quotes around the word woman. MORE

25 Comments on ‘GQ’ Names Serena Williams ‘Woman’ of the Year

  1. Mmmm, sure, and Michelle O is SI swimsuit model of the year.

    My how we’ve stooped so low when the gender lines are blurred.

  2. And here come the snowflakes. It should have been ‘poor sport’ or ‘best temper tantrum’ of the year.
    A bona fide lib getting a consolation award for being beaten fair and square.

  3. “My how we’ve stooped so low when the gender lines are blurred.”

    ….gender is not even the BIGGEST issue here, @Engelburka Engelburka. What we HAVE here is either a complete, willful lie or a TOTAL breakdown in good taste, since this is ugly REGARDLESS of if it has a slot or a tab…

  4. I do think that people will read it the wrong way, as that’s what people do now a days.”

    That couldn’t be any more true.
    When Trump says ILLEGAL immigration, all the progs read is “immigration,” in quotes, as if it’s a quote.

    When Trump says, “there are rapists and murderers crossing the border illegally,” all the progs read is “all immigrants are murderers and rapists.”

  5. G”I could understand quotation marks with Barack as
    “Man” of the year.”

    EVERYTHING about Barry Soetoro should have quotes around it, like:

    “Barak Obama” (never had it LEGALLY changed).

    “American” (A Photo Shopped “Birth Certificate” proffered for “proof” by a sycophant Hawaiian official proves NOTHING).

    “Christian” (No. Just “No”).

    “President” (Not a citizen, so not qualified).

    “Husband” (gay marriage was not legal at the time).

    “Father” (those are Martin Nisbitt’s and Anita Blanchard’s kids on loan, look it up”

    …and on, and on, and on…

    …in fact, @mrhanoverfist, “obama” being GENETIC male is about the ONLY thing I MIGHT believe. Too much out there about his gay escapades to support his being female.

    …but, in terms of ACTING like a man, for THAT you are RIGHT to use quotes…

  6. Maybe so much of a question the Spanish method is appropriate for emphasis, viz…


    …should help Hispanic-loving Democrats get it too, @moochoman

  7. Pfft. Isn’t GQ the same rag that declared Mooshelle one of the hottest “women” of the year? Do any straight men actually buy GQ?

  8. Why can’t Nikki Haley get this award?
    She stood up face to face to thugs in the UN from Palestine, Iran, Russia and stood up for Israel.

    This is a rhetorical question….I know the answer.

    Yet they select a “woman” that made a fool of herself at the US Open and called the judge a thief during her tantrum.

    I don’t think we would’ve seen McEnroe get a “Man of the year” award after doing this.

  9. This is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Look at all the free publicity they are getting. Any publicity is good for business, right? This is a sure sign that GQ is losing readership.

  10. “This is a sure sign that GQ is losing readership.”

    …Strictly speaking, @Tony R, I’m not sure “reading” is an accurate term for what beta metrosexuals use a photo spread of Serena Williams for…

  11. Nikki Haley is a real woman, fighting real battles in a putrid shithole. She is also a Republican. No way a lefty rag will give her any consideration. @ jp. I know, you know.

  12. This is a publicity stunt and virtue signallimg by an “artist” that apparently questions the meaning of everything. He also may be an advocate of gender fluidity – no surprise.

    Still a silly, lack of originality by someone who thinks he’s avant-garde.

    https://www.newsweek.com/who-virgil-abloh-gq-backlash-surrounding-serena-williams-cover-his-style-1213455 .

    BTW, if not for Serena Williams’ weight gain (especially in that gigantic behind of hers) skin blotches and her other pregnancy symptoms before she gave birth, I’d question her gender, too.

  13. She’s ugly as phuck. Nasty!! I’m sorry, but absolutely no one thinks she looks good, let alone sexy. Barf!!


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