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Grand Jury Declines to Indict Woman in Emmett Till Case


A grand jury in Mississippi has declined to indict Carolyn Bryant Donham, the 87-year-old woman whose accusations led to the brutal murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till in 1955. District Attorney Dewayne Richardson said in a statement that a grand jury heard seven hours of testimony from investigators and witnesses but decided there wasn’t enough evidence to indict Donham on kidnapping and manslaughter charges, CNN reports. Till’s relatives called for Donham’s arrest after an unserved 1955 arrest warrant was found and her unpublished memoir, with details of the Black teen’s abduction, surfaced. Our story from July 8 follows:

Last month, an unserved arrest warrant was unearthed in the basement of a Mississippi courthouse, calling for the detention of Carolyn Bryant Donham for the 1955 kidnapping of 14-year-old Emmett Till. The discovery prompted Till’s family to call for Donham’s arrest, and that demand hasn’t abated in the time since. NBC News reports that Till’s cousin, Priscilla Sterling, turned up the pressure Thursday on District Attorney W. Dewayne Richardson to finally serve the nearly 70-year-old warrant on Donham, who was married to one of the two white men acquitted of killing Till, who was Black. Donham is now in her 80s, with a last known address in North Carolina.

“The family wants Carolyn Bryant to face justice,” Sterling said in a Thursday presser. “We want her to at least come here and defend herself.” “Emmett Till never got to make it to 87,”


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  1. ‘ “Time to face your demons. Come on out,” one protester was heard saying, just before some of the demonstrators entered the facility, prompting the police to be called.’

    …nice, brave folks, raiding a nursing home full of weak, sick, easy to startle even to death old people, 99.9999% of which have fuckall to do with your ancient grevience and many of whom are as Black as you are.


    “Time to face your demons. Come on out,”

    …he is right.

    They ARE demons. He and all those attacking the infirm with demon eyes and merciless hearts.

    Not a shred of Christian forgiveness among them.

    …Tell me, how many innocent White people, just in the last few years, have died at the hands of inchoate Black rage for no reason other than their skin color matched that of someone the media said was the same as a person who was allegedly mean to some Black person that was himself committing crimes in Black communities? How many have woke prosecutors and a partisan Department of “Justice” declined to prosecute AT ALL, let alone as the hate crimes they are?

    The worm WILL turn. When it does, will White people be justified for seeking those Black “peaceful protestors” out in whatever extended care facility THEY may be in for the purposes of lynching?

    Or maybe sooner.

    Fuck around.

    Find out.

  2. “We want her to at least come here and defend herself.”

    Those we call “enemy”, only exist to serve us.

  3. …of course, if they played it right, Democrats could further the destruction of the country and the division of its people that they are so dedicated to hansomely.

    Suppose another attack on the nursing home is mounted, this one successful. Perhaps with information given by a Black nurse, aid, or housekeeper on the exact location of 87 year old Carolyn Bryant Donham. Someone gets into her room with the intention of causing her great bodily harm, either inside the facility or after a kidnapping.

    Suppose further that the police arrive while she is being assaulted. The mob proceeds to attack the responding police officers as others continue their assault on her in earnest. A police officer, attempting to stop a rape and/or murder of an 87 yo woman uses his service weapon to end the assault.

    The headlines in the Communist media and on all Communist channels then read, “ANOTHER BLACK MAN IS MURDERED FOR DARING TO TOUCH WHITE WOMAN DONHAM 70 YEARS AFTER THEY LYNCHED EMMETT TILL FOR HER”.

    The Nation would go up in flames.

    …seems like they should have held this back until closer to the elections, but I have no doubt that Democrats can pour gasoline on any fires of hate they kindle between now and then to ensure that they are cancelled.

    Hate is to Democrats what blood is to vampires. They thrive on it even as they kill those they extract it from. Hate is the ONLY coin that buys them power, and they are very well aware of that and have no compunctions about how and where they cause hate.

    Look for them to cause much more hate in the next few months.

    A WHOLE lot more.

    Its all they have.

  4. “The family wants Carolyn Bryant to face justice,” Sterling said in a Thursday presser. “We want her to at least come here and defend herself.”

    …as though any defense is possible in a modern court room where juries can be openly intimidated even by members of Congress, defendants slandered by a pretended President in the slanted media, and even Supreme Court justices and their families pubicly threatened in their very homes despite laws against doing that very thing.

    What chance would SHE, otherwise a nobody, have to defend herself against allegations from 1955, even if she among all women could remember specific details after 6 decades, and most witnesses demented or dead?


    …the Till family, of all people, know what Mob “Justice” looks like.

    So it seems very odd indeed that they should want to perpetuate it.

  5. One final thought on this demand for “justice”.

    We increasingly see true justice thwarted every day. Obvious crimes of leading Democrats and their children are ignored, papered over, or outright lied about for partisan reasons even as honest citizens are imprisoned without due process or trial in contracition to the Consistitution forever. There is little hope with a completely biased law enforcement structure and judiciary that justice will ever be served on these Democrats who are rapist, thieves, and even mass murderers and outright traitors, but we are told we must be patient, that TRUE justice will be served before the throne of God, a prospect that draws statistically more likely each passing day as the superannuated perpetrators of these crimes contine to age towards oblivion.

    And so then should those who seek justice for Emmett Till should console themselves.

    The woman in question is 87 years old and will leave the circles of the world soon enough. She will, as will we all, sit in the dock before the judgement of a just Lord. Whatever guilt she carries will not escape the Judge of All Mankind.

    If you who claim to seek Justice in any realm have any fear of the Lord and understand that one day you, too, will sit before the Ultimate Judge and explain things like why you attacked a nursing home full of definitely innocent people, then you, too, should control your actions with that inescapable Judgement in mind.

    If we must wait, so then must you.

    Emmett Till was unjustly lynched. There is no denying that.

    But if you become that which ended his life, you simply become the moster you profess to fight.

    Becoming a lynch mob yourself is not the answer. Perpetuating the very crime you are protesting is not the answer. Destroying lives over what is now beyond the memories of mortal man to prove and disprove will do nothing but divide the country and serve the Enemy.

    God will indeed judge. And soon.

    Attempting to usurp His perogative in a hopelessly biased human system will only turn that Judgement against you.


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