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Maggie Haberman Is Privy to Photos of Flushed Documents


Remember our toilet scoop in Axios AM earlier this year? Maggie Haberman’s forthcoming book about former President Trump will report that White House residence staff periodically found wads of paper clogging a toilet — and believed the former president, a notorious destroyer of Oval Office documents, was the flusher.

Why it matters: Destroying records that should be preserved is potentially illegal.

Trump denied it and called Haberman, whose New York Times coverage he follows compulsively, a “maggot.”

  • Well, it turns out there are photos. More

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23 Comments on Maggie Haberman Is Privy to Photos of Flushed Documents

  1. Well there it is. The “smoking gun”. A piece of paper conveniently legible, in a toilet, when? Is this a joke? This is what the dems are pinning their hopes on? In a normal world, this would never stand up in court; chain of evidence and all. Well they impeached him on a phone call.

  2. You don’t want to see a photo of Biden’s toilet.

  3. Biden has a micro paper shredder head that swings down like a toilet seat lid for his assistants, who keep his ass clean, to destroy documents they don’t want the general public to see.

  4. How much stupid shit can they make up?
    Evidently more.

  5. They’re democRATz! Stupid Shit is whut they excell at!

  6. Maggot Hagermut’s writing is all about elevating herself via TDS.
    I’m not surprised that she would gravitate to toilet stories. She even looks like the nerdy anal type who would smear feces on the walls of a public restroom stall.

  7. Gee cell phone, plus nearest toilet = Watergate2, such a scandal. Break out the Nobel Awards. Our goose is cooked now by golly.


  8. …when I read this, what it says to me is “Maggie Haberman publishes photographs that demonstrate that she stole Presidential documents and stuffed them in a toilet so she could photograph them in an act of treason, because no one actually trying to destroy their own documents would have left the toilets unflushed”.

    …so the only person that needs arrested for this…

    …is Maggie Haberman.

  9. “How much stupid shit can they make up?
    Evidently more.”

    With the way libtards cling to ever word uttered by the MSM they will believe it, especially if it’s bashing Trump. Surprised it didn’t include a tiny swastika on the note.

  10. I was a Plumber in the House of Reps – and I have no reason to assume otherwise – but they ALL shredded their documents before flushing them.
    We unstopped many WCs jammed full of shredded paper.
    Not a single one was dumb enough to try to flush them intact.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  11. We should all write with sharpies on white paper, tear it into squares, neatly place them in a toilet so at leas a word show, take pictures and plaster them online with claims of who they came from. You can claim anything or anyone.

  12. Any politician (or anyone else for that matter) could be found lacking if put under the same scrutiny as Trump. Or, the same srutiny as the United States, or whites, or males, or heteros, etc.
    No one is perfect.

  13. So creepy, people are going into toilets Trump vacates and taking pictures of the toilet bow. Trump the germaphobe spending time jamming papers down a toilet.

    I learned as teenager nothing flushes down the toilet well outside of what is supposed to go into it and possibly powder substances, even those come back if you add enough. So I can’t imagine many adults regularly using toilets to dispose of torn up papers. Sounds like something a regular crack smoker that can’t tell crack and Parmesan cheese apart would do.

  14. Rumors are swirling over additional photos of Trump’s toilet which document his fondness for corn.

  15. How does anyone know where those toilets are?
    They’re probably the restrooms at the NY Slimes.

  16. So the feds visited Maralago just to check the plumbing?

  17. I think that someone would have to prove the documents in the toilet were classified as Secret or Top Secret or a higher classification level to pin anything on Trump.

    It’s more likely that the papers were love notes from Hillary Clinton that Trump consigned to the correct place – the sewer.

  18. The toilet doesn’t look like a Presidential Toilet to me. I thought O’Bummer had it gold plated while he occupied the WH.

  19. More proof they think we’re all stupid


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