Grant Money For Opioid Addiction Used To Print 10,000 Free Greeting Cards


Officials with the Colorado state government recently created free greeting cards meant to encourage those who are going through the opioid addiction recovery process — and they’ve proven to be a wild hit.

The cards range from the humorous to the deeply moving. “I promise to never call this a journey,” one reads. Another declares: “You are my rock…Please know I don’t take it for granite.” Another says: “Thank you for being there for me when I was doing everything I could to push you away.”

The initial printing run of 10,000 cards was gone in less than a week. Some orders came from outside of Colorado. “We thought this would be huge, but we didn’t fully anticipate the level of enthusiasm that we would receive,” said Elizabeth Owens, director of policy and communications for the state Office of Behavioral Health.

The project was funded by part of a $53 million federal grant meant to combat the opioid epidemic. More

I’ve heard withdrawal from heroin is awful, so I’m sending you this free card to make it better – Dr. Tar

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  1. “Dear Mom, Sorry about your bone cancer. I’m also sorry about ripping that fentanyl patch off your arm when I visited you this morning. Say, can I have your leftover patches when you die?”

  2. Dear Friend,

    Are you still feeling awful? I feel awful that you feel awful. Having said that, now I feel better!

    -Awfully Concerned

  3. Nausea, sweats and uncontrollable shaking got you down? Well here’s a greeting card to cheer you up. Compliments of your local gaggle of idiots that waste your tax dollars.

  4. This card isn’t to “needle” you over your poor life choices, Only to cheer you up while you suffer the consequences. Enjoy Rehab

  5. I was really shocked to learn that the addiction rate for RX pain killers was so extremely high. And it can happen to anyone. I’d been pretty ignorant about the whole thing, thinking that pain med addiction was mostly a matter of weak-willed people using it as a crutch. Not at all so. But widespread addiction is tied, also, to a poor economy. And, if you look at all the middle income jobs that departed under the Clintons, Bushes and — especially — obama, whole communities have been wiped out by unemployment and all that ensues from that. Whole areas, especially places that have always been economically sketchy, relying on abundant jobs and trickle down economics, as well as single-source industries like forestry, fishing, and mining, have been really hard hit in the past 20-30 years under bad government and progressive hand-outs (welfare) that has done nothing but put money and resources into the political pig trough and have created generational dependency on social welfare systems. In fact, the newest, nicest buildings and largest employers of these decimated communities are gov’t entities. And before you know it the ‘Rats are in charge of the rat race and the cycle of corruption takes another turn as fiefdoms are built and defended around the only source of reliable money pumped in by taxpayers.

    It’s a cycle of despair and poverty fueled by debilitating addiction to prescription RX and street drugs, and abetted by our very own gov’t which, btw, gives away more of our money for studies and grants that they never seem to bother to read or to learn from!

  6. I write these words upon a card
    To do what’s right is very hard
    I hope you’ll be
    As good as me
    But for now, you’re a ‘tard

  7. From San Diego to northern Maine
    Poppin pills, a needle in my vein.
    I really tried to shake this monkey.
    But fuck it, I think I’ll stay a junky.

  8. What kind of amateurs are they letting run wild in Colorado!?

    Money, any money, not getting skimmed off BEFORE it’s time to “use” it, as contracted?

    And leaving an ACTUAL paper “paper trail”!?

    At this rate, they’re gonna’ fall for the “Legalize ‘recreational’ pot!” … What? Oh. Never mind.

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