Trump in Texas: Left Wants to Install Justices Who Will ‘Shred the Constitution’

Breitbart: President Donald Trump said at a campaign rally on Thursday in Dallas, Texas, that Democrats and the left want to change the makeup of the United States Supreme Court to destroy the Constitution.

“They want to install far left judges to shred the Constitution,” Trump said at the rally that attracted 20,000 people inside the America Airlines Center and thousands more outside the venue.

Trump also mentioned the left’s failed attack on now Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh, calling it “the disgusting smearing of a fine man — Justice Kavanaugh,” Trump said.

4 Comments on Trump in Texas: Left Wants to Install Justices Who Will ‘Shred the Constitution’

  1. Its worse than that, ten of the Democratic candidates, including Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Pete Buttigieg, and Kamala Harris have said they are open to packing the Supreme Court, including adding judges.

    When Democrats gained enough power, they would pack the Supreme Court with enough judges to guarantee that anything they proposed would be found “constitutional.” Then when the cycle swung around to Republicans, they would do the same thing. How do businesses and individuals thrive in a situation where what’s “constitutional” can radically shift every few years based on which political party is in power? The Constitution is effectively antiquated, non-binding and ineffectual, the end of our stable leagl system and our Republic.

  2. Does shredded “just a piece of paper” burn faster than contructionist “just a piece of paper”?

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