Great American Muralist

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  1. How refreshing to see some patriotic artwork for a change, instead of the cryptic and hideous spray painting that assaults the eyes in most every city.

  2. Must be civilized people living there.

    Art amazes me. Real artists are very underestimated. The ability to put depth, perspective, expression and beauty on canvas or in stone or a piece of wood, is beyond my thinking. Putting it on a mural blows my mind.

    Fur’s beautiful pets; awesome.

    I once took an art class. First thing, we were given a photo of a squirrel to draw. I told the tracker, I CAN’T draw, that’s why I’m here! She wanted to see what we could do. Ok, it came time to show ‘art’, which I had to name; I chose, “Road Kill”.

  3. Eugenia,
    if you go to see it, stop at Kiedrowskis Bakery and get a Snoogle. They were voted best bakery in America a year or two ago. They have lots to choose from, but you have to get one of their famous Snoogles.

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