Great point, but maybe Never Trumpers should start campaigning for Trump

Can the Never Trumpers wake up?

One could say, “I can’t wait until the people on the right, who would celebrate a Trump loss, have an appointment for their chest pains sometime in 2023.”

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  1. Most of the prominent Never-Trumpers consider themselves among the elite who will always get Cadillac care no matter what atrocious system they force onto flyover country. In other words, the don’t care.

  2. Is Frank a NeverTrumper?

    Currently? Don’t know. He was in 2016. But the same reasons to back Trump existed then. I’m not dumping on Fleming, specifically, but full-throated support for Trump is necessary because… hello! -bfh

  3. Never Trumpers are irrelevant. Nobody listens to them. They are already dead. As are their periodicals.

    We’re down to the anti Trump left and its media.
    It won’t be a fair fight. Trump will gnaw on their carcasses.

  4. Things could go sideways, there’s a chance of that. That’s how life works.
    But other than that. Trump will win. We will have to be vigilant to make sure.

  5. If Trump loses, the left will feel empowered and will do everything they have been screaming they want to do.
    antifa will run rampant, and the democraps won’t do anything about it.
    That will last about a year – then the next civil war starts.

  6. In Texas this am we get behind a truck with a Don’t Tread on Me and pro gun stickers along with a pro Warren and Sanders stickers. It takes an insane mind to vote against your life philosophy but somehow people do it.

  7. not really sure what this phuckwad is referencing, but I certainly don’t want people that advocate 4th trimester abortions of babies to be in charge of my health care … or people in charge that say “maybe you should just take a pain pill instead”

    btw, how many progtards gloated over the death of Ronald Reagan?

  8. For some reason, beyond my comprehension, the Never Trumpers seem to think that an establishment Republican, who will only make small changes to the left’s agenda is better than someone who is actually enacting their desired policies.
    More conservative judges? Check. Tax cuts? Check. Fewer regulations? Check. Defunding Planned Parenthood, or at least something that results in it? Check.
    But, but, but, he doesn’t act Presidential!!! He isn’t our choice!!! He antagonizes our enemies (and wins)!!!
    I do not agree with everything he has done and said, but he has done more in the 2+ years he has been in office than all of the Republican presidents since Mr. Reagan, combined.
    For all of you Never Trumpers out there – tell me why you will not support him. I will gladly have that debate with you, even if you, somehow, win.

  9. I voted for Ted Cruz during the campaign season, because candidate Trump at that time was mostly an unknown (politically) and Cruz was and is a strict US Constitutionalist. However, since his election (even before his inauguration), I have LOVED everything Trump has said and done.

    He is a fighter and doesn’t give up. New York City produces a lot of crazy liberals, but they also produce a lot of tough people.
    If you want to understand Trump, read “The Art of the Deal”….. Trump takes the long view and is very patient, to achieve his goals.

  10. LCD, He’s not a loudmouth Nevertrumper, but I got tired of overlooking his little anti-trump jabs and quit visiting his site. That crap was taking away from his really funny work. I check back in occasionally, but there’s always something there to remind me why I left. Maybe he’s more restrained on Twitter, but I don’t Twitter, so I’ll take your word on that.

  11. RodgerF They will not win. Facts win out.
    Its early but you know me, everyone has to vote and make sure they do all they can to get people to the polls or fill out their ballot and get it in the mail,the fraud will be rampant this time around.
    It really is do or die time in 2020.

  12. LCD, That’s good to know. He’s sharp and funny, and there’s nothing wrong with poking a little fun at Trump, which the Babylon Bee does sometimes. Maybe I’ll check back in on IMAO.

  13. “In Texas this am we get behind a truck with a Don’t Tread on Me and pro gun stickers along with a pro Warren and Sanders stickers.”

    Unless a friend slapped them on as a joke, this is a type of moron that I just don’t understand.

  14. During the primaries I liked Trump but didn’t trust he would follow through. Would have considered his presidency a success if the only thing he did was get the border wall built. But damn! He not only has lived up to his promises, he has executed magnificently and gone beyond. I would walk on broken glass to vote for him in 2020.

    My personal peeve was China hollowing out the US. I believe in total separation from the Merchantilist Communists. I believe Trump is gonna do it, exceeding all expectations.

    The only gripe is that he hasn’t prosecuted those people who sold out America and its people for cheap. But there is still 5 more years to go and, hopefully, another American warrior after Pres. Trump.

  15. Hey guys, I supported IMAO when Fleming was there. He might be there now, but he’s not as hands on as he once was.
    I just was let down by the Never-Trump-lite atmosphere over there.
    No matter what Ben Shapiro said, IT WAS A BINARY CHOICE. There was no UPSIDE to allowing the left to win. That strategy was RETARDED.

  16. Furby the only thing you hate more than the American league are skateboarders.

    Your opinion is…….suspect. Even if you are correct.

  17. I agree with Lazlo The Elder. The left has no conscience and will do ANYTHING to win an election. Rules and guidelines have no meaning to them. Winning is all that matters. Does their support for doxing shine a light on their methods???? Does giving out questions prior to debates relate??


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