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Great Speech, Now What?

Beck is right. He is righteously angry. What are we to do?

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  1. Quite a turn around from rolling his face in cheetos when DJT was first running.

    Like so many, he’s seems pretty good at detailing the nightmare. OK, so what are we going to do? These transcum are opening calling for violence, AntiFa comes protesting with semis, black nationalists dittos, our once beautiful cities are shitholes, public schools are pointless, the dollar is about to face plant…yet when we show up to peacefully protest a stolen election, years later people are still in prison, some UNCHARGED with the promise of another 1,000 or two yet to be arrested.

    The very man arresting them has been caught in numerous lies. OK, so what? Anyone that can’t draw a straight line from, we just want our civil unions to matter when wills are read to your son needs to have his dick cut off, is dumber than a house plant. Because that straight line goes right through to confiscation & cattle cars.

    Some where there’s gotta be the hill to die on…isn’t there?

  2. What do we do now? That’s easy. We watch the Democrats steal another election. Oh, I’m sorry – did we not address the massive issue we have with voter fraud and DOJ corruption?

  3. What do we do now? That’s easy… let’s have a nuther hearing! It won’t accomplish a damn thing, but it’s all we can do – which is just another way of saying NOTHING will get done! Let’s face it, our backs are up against the wall with all this massive corruption, propaganda, division and hate. They always said you can vote Communism in, but you can’t vote it out. Bad times are just ahead!

  4. Now what?
    Did you hear about the latest school bus driver?
    Got fired for ‘illegal driving lessons’ by braking too hard.
    Made me think about my own bus ridings in the Seventies.
    Wanna hear a story?
    Need a Bus and/or a Magic Carpet and/or a Musical thread.


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