Guess the Reader

Our last picture was… Goldenfoxx!

Here’s our next friend and patriot —>

Hint: Alan Sherman sang about him.

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  1. Dimple-licious!!

    It’s bad enough I’m thoroughly awful at this guessing stuff, but now I have to know who Sherman is?!

    I’m going with Bayouwulf’s guess since he seems so sure of his answer.

  2. I really haven’t participated in this, but have lurked. I have no idea who anyone is. Perhaps someone could make a PDF dartboard that we could print out with the names of IOTW regulars on it?! 🙂

    All those one-off articles over the years saying that conservatives are much better looking than liberals (with pics) have even jumped the celebrity-class. I’m actually now believing it’s actually true, and not just hiring practice. You people “are so pretty”!

    BTW: Any painless dentists in the group? Or a former intern at Camp Grenada?

  3. That finally has to be physical fitness, likes to imbibe, Bad Brad….givaway is The Drinking Man’s Diet song.

    Plus, the impish smile on that cute face would fit the now personality.

  4. “I went hiking with Joe Spivy.
    He developed poison ivy.
    You remember Leonard Skinner?
    He got ptomaine poisoning last night after dinner…
    You remember Jeffrey Hardy?
    They’re about to organize a searching party.”


  5. “Go to sleep, Paul Revere, go to sleep.
    “Are you planning to stay until dawn?
    Won’t you please get that horse off my lawn?”

  6. At that young age he already looked as if he had a wicked sense of humor! What adorable dimples!

  7. He looks like a handful. So adorable. All I can think of is Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, and I’m pretty sure we don’t have a reader by that name.

  8. @Meerkat
    “Perhaps someone could make a PDF dartboard that we could print out with the names of IOTW regulars on it?”

    Best idea I’ve seen yet!

  9. Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh
    For this kid’s name, I got nada
    I would love to pinch his dimple
    Good thing no one said this guessing game was simple …

  10. I’ll bet he’s some kind of crazy astrophysicist. Facial asymmetry indicates high IQ and a preference for mathematics.

    Are you Spock?

  11. He hates the Beatles? This has to be the first time nobody has mentioned Bad Brad! I’m going with him.

  12. Oh man, I can read a lot into that photo…..I’m just glad he’s on our side.
    That’s a really cute photo.


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