Guy Benson Destroys Dingy Harry

In a series of tweets that link to Obamacare horror stories, Guy Benson dishes out some cold hard truth to Democrat Senate Majority Leader Reid.

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3 Comments on Guy Benson Destroys Dingy Harry

  1. From the Comments:
    “Where is Mitch McConnell and every Republican in the Senate (and the House for that matter)???

    Until he and all of them hold a press conference, publish a letter or some other parliamentary act to voice their anger and demand an apology and/or official rebuke from their side of the aisle, McConnell and all of them in the GOP are just as contemptible for their silence.

    I am disgusted beyond belief, if that is even possible considering their fecklessness and collusion with the Democrats to date.”

    – Rixon

  2. So many Republicans have been co-opted that they fear being implicated themselves in the Democrats misgoverning of the nation.

    This is why the Tea Party is trying to primary so many of these RINOsaurs.

  3. Ya got me all excited and shit … I thought somebody had really, y’know … “destroyed” Harry the Pederast … as in “he ain’t alive, no more …”


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