Guy Designs Railgun and Prints It Out on 3d Printer

It works. It fires projectiles at about a 1/3rd of the speed (530 MPH) of an average gun, but hey, it’s a start. There are videos of him test firing at this link.


ht/ finai

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  1. Need to connect with you offline…need to talk 80% lowers as my government just went full retard and I’m in contingency mode. Help.

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  3. It looks a nerf bazooka, which means they would probably ban it because it could be a bazooka. Or a nerf super soaker and we can’t get people wet you know(it just might hurt the poor snowflakes feelings) because the EPA would say you would be creating an illegal wetland.

  4. Does it give the weight of the projectiles or the bore size? I didn’t watch the video. The picture of the projectiles is the only clue. Looks like it could be lethal.

  5. Something is whack here.

    The article states it delivers 3,000 Kilojoules. That would equal over 2 million foot pounds of energy.

    My 10mm Glock delivers @ 767 ft lbs per shot using 135gr projectile at 1600 fps. On par with a .357 magnum.

    Physics demands an equal and opposite reaction to that 2 million + ft lb the projectile is claimed to have.

    The recoil would make it impossible to hold.

    Also, 560 mph is in the neighborhood of 800 fps – (feet per second). In the neighborhood the speed of a 230gr .45 About half the speed my 135gr hollow points travel.

    Something is whack in this article.

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